School is wrapping up! This is the last week of classes, and everything is over except for Japanese. I have class tomorrow and Friday (and, you know, an essay, homework, and a quiz), and then a final Tuesday, and I can go home!

UGH. I am so ready to go home. Everything here is great–friends, Pi Phi, the house…but my body is soooo broken right now. I need to crawl up by a fireplace with a cat and drink soup and sleep until noon and not walk around outside for about a week. I’ve been having a medical drama since I developed an ear infection Saturday night. It’s the most complicated, pathetic story ever. Observe:

I can’t take ibuprofen or aspirin right now, because I am going in for a tonsillectomy in less than 2 weeks, so I had to go to the store for Tylenol when my ear hurt so bad that I couldn’t focus. As soon as my first dose wore off at 5 am, I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep until I took more. I went to the health center, where a doctor told me that my eardrum was about to burst if it hadn’t already. She said that the infection started because my tonsils are so big that they block the tube that is supposed to maintain air pressure in my ear (it’s like the bastards know their days are numbered). She prescribed me sudafed and amoxicillin. Today I was not only completely deaf in one ear, dizzy from the meds, and without depth perception (giving a presentation in class, thank you very much), but breaking out in hives because APPARENTLY I am allergic to amoxicillin. The icing on the cake is that this is all happening while I’m on my period (you’re welcome).

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