Talent search pages inked! Let’s tone these fools!

The written pitch for my senior thesis is also done, so on to art for chapter 1.

Freelance art job still trucking! Thumbnails are a go.

Watched some Flight of the Conchords last night. I loved that show season 1, but season 2 was soooo much better. Favorite episodes were Unnatural Love and Love is a Weapon of Choice. SOOOO FUNNY.

Too many dicks on the dance floor
Too many dicks on the dance floor
Too many dicks
Too many dicks on the dance floor
Too many dicks
Too many dicks on the dance floor
Too many dicks

Going to the party
Sippin' on Bacardi
Wanna meet a hottie
But there's Adam, Steve and Marty
There's Billy, Todd and Tommy
They're on leave from the army
The only boobs I'll see tonight will be made of origami

Tell the players, make it understood
It ain't no good if there's too much wood
Make sure you know before you go
The dance floor bro-hoe ratio
Five to one is a brodeo
Tell Steve and Mike it's time to go
Wait outside all night to find
Twenty dudes in a conga line

Too many dicks on the dance floor
Easy to fix
Too many dicks on the dance floor
Spread out the dicks

Too many dudes
With too many dicks
Too close to my shit
Too hard to meet chicks
I need better odds
More broads, less rods
I came to do battle
Scadaddle with the cattle prods

Too many men
Too many boys
Too many misters
Not enough sisters
Too much time on, too many hands
Not enough ladies, too many mans

Too many dicks
Too many dongs
Too many schlongs
Now sing this song

And I thought it was just a Soup joke, but Joel McHale really is going to to be on an NBC show called Community this fall! It’s early Christmas! 8-D I perused his wiki page, and was sad to find that he is about ten years older than I’d guessed, with about one more wife and two more children xD; But I will still be an avid fan.

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