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I have been trying to draw as much as possible while I am still in Eugene, but I also have to study for finals, clean the house, and pack, and that’s been getting in the way. I really want to finish my projects before the tonsillectomy Friday–who knows how many days I’ll be loopy or half-dead on the couch…??

In happier news: have some new haircut pics!

I love it. But I have to learn how to draw my hair again xD;

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  • Very cute!

    It’s interesting to think of comics-diary folks having to constantly update how they draw themselves whenever they’re appearance changes a little. I’ve made slight adjustments to how I draw myself over the years, but for the most part, I think of the little me on the page as an icon with a pretty set look, which usually doesn’t change—even during drastic changes like the brief period when I had NO hair—except for effect (extra stubble is the universal symbol for “that guy is tired and overworked”).

    The only real exception is when I do an autobio story set in the past, like the one you read (interesting to note how different I draw my 15-year-old self than how I drew myself when I was 15).

    Of course, yeah, it’s a little different when you’re doing a regular thing like “Between Gears.” Keep up the good work!


    December 07, 2009

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