My life is over oh my god this spider is so cool

Starkid released their newest play, A Very Potter Senior Year, on Friday.  It is the third and final installment in their series of Harry Potter musical plays (see also: A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel). I watched it and had to stop it several times because I was laughing so hard.  I knew I needed to draw some quick fan art for my favorite jokes.  So this happened:
Moaning Myrtle might have been my favorite part of the entire play.  In her second appearance, when she made Joe Walker break character, I lost it laughing.

Emerald City ComiCon 2013 wrap-up post

I’m back from Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle!  It was another great year.  Attendance was over 60,000 and the exhibition area was twice as large as last year.

(Check out the gorgeous photos of exhibitors Anna Goellner took at ECCC.)

The highlights of the weekend, for me, were probably the chances I had to meet face-to-face with people I’ve only known online.  I got to speak with Claire Hummel, Victoria Ying, Brittney Lee, and Joe LeFavi!  It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they were lovely, charming people.  I now own 3 beeeeautiful art books from Claire, Victoria, and Brittney.

I invested a lot in prints this year, and it was a relief that they sold really well!  Commission sales were also great, and Between Gears continues to sell.  The coloring book sales were underwhelming, to the point that I gave them away to kids who showed interest in them, but maybe they’ll be better for a show like Stumptown.  I need to thank Image Comics, especially Ron Richards, for taking time away from their extremely popular table to deliver more copies of Between Gears to me!

I took it pretty easy at night this year, going to dinner and drinks with friends from school more than hunting editors, and I found that to be extremely pleasant.  Big shows like ECCC attract people from all over the country, and I got to catch up with people I don’t get many opportunities to.  It’s exciting hearing what everyone is up to!  And they were really encouraging, giving me confidence in myself and getting me excited to undertake several project ideas I’ve been kicking around. :) Cons in general get me fired up and inspired–I felt like ECCC pulled me out of a bit of a slump and gave me a clear view of what I need to do.

Speaking of upcoming projects, many people asked what I have in the pipeline, so maybe I should list that out clearly for anyone who is wondering (there are a few more than this that haven’t been announced, so stay tuned!):

  • It Girl & The Atomics issues 10, 11, and 12, coming out this May, June, and July
  • A Boy & A Girl coming out this year from Oni Press
  • A short story in the Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel, coming out this summer
  • A gallery show at Sequential Art Studio + Gallery in Portland during the month of May

I could hardly believe it, but I actually spent time each night in my hotel room working on commissions!  I always try to, but it rarely happens.  I felt that all of my commissions turned out well this year, and working on them in the evening meant I was able to go out at night without that responsibility hovering over me.  I will definitely try to replicate that in the future.

I was reminded more than once this weekend of Amy Poehler’s speech to the Harvard 2011 graduating class.  I love the message about collaboration; it is so true.  I table alone at shows, but I receive tangible help from many people to get there.  From Colin carrying a 20 lb box of Between Gears for me, to Terry directing people to my table, to Ron scooting his stuff over 4 inches to accommodate my new wire arch set-up, to George and Hunter’s pep talks, to Lucy and Chris’s help folding minicomics and flatting pages for me, to Vitamin C tablets from Rich, to the offers from people to get me coffee and food when I was slammed at my table, I am just the face of a 40-person operation, and I know I couldn’t do it alone.  I am grateful and a little embarrassed by how much help I receive.  I want to stay aware of that and make sure that I’m offering the same thoughtfulness, patience, and help to the people around me.

When it comes to a rising tide mentality and people shaping comics for the better, I really can’t miss the opportunity to mention George Rohac, Yuko Ota, Ananth Panagariya, and the rest of Benign Kingdom.  Do yourself a favor and get acquainted if you aren’t already!

Hope to see you at next year’s show!  …Except I might be in France.  I guess going to next year’s ECCC is one of the consolation prizes if I don’t get accepted to the TAPIF program. :P

Strides I spend to the finish line

Reminder: today is the LAST DAY I can take preorders for Emerald City ComiCon sketches!  Black and white $50, color $100.  Email Tally(at)farbeyond(dot)com by the end of TODAY to reserve a spot.

My prints arrived yesterday and they are lovely!

Emerald City ComiCon is going to be HUGE this year.  I am tabling with Periscope Studio at booth #2621.  A few of us are set up at the adjacent booth #2627.  Here is a map to help you find us:

Eeeee, there are going to be costumes from The Hunger Games on display at the level 4 sky bridge!  Last year’s ECCC was where I picked up “The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond”. :D   I LOVE that soundtrack.  The Neko Case track is easily my favorite off of it:

Flew me to places I’d never been

Image’s May solicitations are out!

MAY 15
BETWEEN GEARS creator NATALIE NOURIGAT joins the Atomics team! Someone broke into Flem’s lab and stole a dangerous invention. It Girl picks up the crooks’ trail, only to discover it leads to a team of underage secret agents – though the real criminal mastermind is centuries older than all of them.

Wait, WHAT?

Yes, friends, I got to draw an issue of It Girl!  Jamie’s script is crazy-fun, Mike’s universe is sensational, Allen Passalaqua and CRANK! take my black and white pages and turn them into magical complete perfect comics angelbabies.  This is the first superhero comic I’ve ever drawn and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Make sure to preorder your copy and enjoy It Girl & The Atomics #10!

Image’s May solicitations are out!

MAY 15
BETWEEN GEARS creator NATALIE NOURIGAT joins the Atomics team! Someone broke into Flem’s lab and stole a dangerous invention. It Girl picks up the crooks’ trail, only to discover it leads to a team of underage secret agents – though the real criminal mastermind is centuries older than all of them.

ECCC 2013 con sketches

I am now open to take con sketches for Emerald City Comicon!  That means if you are attending the show and you want me to draw something for you, you can request it now to make sure that you get on my list before I run out of slots (which doesn’t always happen, but can, so if you’re dead set on getting something, send it to me early!).  I don’t take commissions outside of conventions anymore, so be aware that this is one of the few ways to get custom artwork from me.

 What I need from you is an email (to with your NAME, which days you will be at ECCC, which CHARACTER you want, and whether you want BLACK AND WHITE or COLOR.  I will send you back a confirmation e-mail and put you on my list.

  • First come, first served
  • Commissions are 9″x12″ on 300 series Bristol paper
  • Color commissions will be done in Copic marker this year (you’re gonna love it!)
  • Price: $50 for black-and-white, $100 for color (and up–it costs more if you want more than one character or you have any special requests)
  • Payment: Pay me at Emerald City when you pick up your piece.  I’m going to have a smart phone and a card reader, but no guarantees that I will be able to take card, so please bring a check or cash just in case
  • I will try to have pre-ordered commissions done by the beginning of ECCC so you can pick them up any day.  But please let me know if you will only be at the show for certain days, so I can make sure to have it done for you.  Any sketches not done on time will be shipped to you, my treat, for my poor time management :P
  • ***I am no longer drawing likenesses (“draw my girlfriend”, “draw my son as Magneto”); I will only draw well-known characters (characters I can Google and find images of).  So, for example, I will happily draw Ron Swanson, but I will not draw you pretending to be Ron Swanson.  I won’t draw your pets.  Does that make sense?  I love you all, but likenesses stress me out and I don’t want to do them this year

Yay!  Let’s do this!

Qué sera sera

My roommate Hannah just bought seasons 1 and 2 of Dead Like Me on DVD and we watched the first episode tonight.  So good!!

I was struck by how much Georgia reminded me of my character Delilah.  It’s a little annoying when you see something similar to a character/story you’ve been planning, but this time it was also fun for me, just seeing a real person play a comparable character and enjoying all of the little details that I felt fit my character, too.

I’m excited to see where the show goes!  Terry has been telling me about it forever.


Show some mercy if you can

Unfortunately, this is how I experienced the whole movie.
They really reminded me of the brofoes in Hark, a Vagrant #265.
I was kind of annoyed by all of these characters.

More movie reaction comics: What Women Want, Looper, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Mike, Brave, Prometheus

I realize that it’s a tiny cross-section of people who read my comics and are also studying French, but I have to share this great tool my teacher introduced me to just in case it’s useful to one of you!

7 Jours Sur la Planète is a page on TV5Monde’s website that updates every Saturday with 3 new videos of world news stories in French (click on “Exercises en ligne” in the green box to begin).  The news clips are only 1-3 minutes long and there are optional transcriptions to help you follow along.  Then, there are 2 exercises each for 3 different levels of students (élémentaire, intermédiare, and avancé) to test your comprehension from the clips.  I love it!

True affection floats

This old drawing got a new wave of attention this week after being posted by Geek & Sundry, the DeviantArt tumblr and twitter accounts, and 9gag.

A lot of people emailed/messaged me to ask about buying prints of it, so I thought I’d post that info here in case anyone else is wondering.  I no longer sell prints online personally–I couldn’t make the economics work in my favor–but I have enabled print buying on several of my Deviant Art pieces, including this one.  If you look to the right of the image here, there’s an “add to cart” button.  If you click that, you can get started on buying a print from DA.  I’ve never bought a print from DA, so I can’t vouch for their service/quality, but it’s simple and the quickest option, with a lot of available sizes.

Option #2 is buying a print from me at a convention.  I make sure to stock prints of this drawing for every show.  I usually make 11×17″ prints, but I might try more sizes this year.  I sell them for $20-25, and I’m happy to sign/personalize them.  Here is a list of my 2013 conventions.

Option #3 is for anyone in Portland, Oregon.  There’s a print shop called TIS that works with my studio, Periscope Studio, and sells prints of our work in exchange for printing benefits.  They sell 11×17″ copies of this print for $20-25.

I have also had several inquiries about commissions.  I am not accepting commissions right now, but I will open up a limited number of commission slots on February 1 (and I’ll post info here about it on Feb 1).  Those are only for people who will be attending Emerald City Comicon and can pick up their commissions in person at the show.

In other news, I can’t stop listening to this song:

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