Back to a normal level of dysfunction

Hmmm…well, the laptop is “fixed”, but there are still a lot of strange problems. It turns on now, which is good, the CPU usage is down to normal, and Antivirus is gone…but there are a lot of files deleted or in the wrong place. Even though my dad and I ended up going with a system restore, the only program that is completely working with no oddities is Firefox, which I reinstalled after the restore. :(
No Photoshop, Comicworks, or Paint Shop, until I can solve the errors or reinstall the programs. I might try toning Out of Place on the library computers, which have Photoshop, since I probably won’t be able to on my computer until winter break.

In happy news, I’m taking my freshman interest group to see Happy-Go-Lucky at the local indie movie theater on Friday! I’m so excited. I heard it was right up my alley. Also, the honors college arts journal team meets on Thursday, and I’m excited to see what our editor in chief Amelie has planned. I want to see what it’s like designing a book, working with a team to establish a selection of works, and putting them into a meaningful order. Amelie wants someone to submit LOLcats-inspired art to the journal, and I think it’d be a riot to caption Facebook photos, so I’m down to try.

I’m taking an honors college elective on Virginia Woolf, and the professor is letting me make a short comic for the final project! How cool is that? I’m very grateful, given the mountain of writing and group projects my other professors want out of me. The story will be a derivative of A Room of One’s Own, the way that The Hours is a derivative of Mrs. Dalloway. I’m setting it in the present day, where two women (who are both reading AROO) discuss the choices, needs, and responsibilities that female creatives have today. I’m really hoping to finish it without rushing, so I can use it as a portfolio piece after the class, but it will be a crunch to finish in time.

Art next time, I promise. I am drawing, but not having image editing on my computer is throwing me off.

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