Blog Every Day April: 11

Ugh, fail! I forgot to blog Thursday and Friday. x___x Not that you’ve missed much. I’ve been going to class, doing my homework, and assembling minicomics pretty much every day. Yawn. However, I did watch the new Dollhouse, Office, LOST, 30 Rock, and the premier of Parks and Recreation. Great, full week of television! I love The Office. Somehow, no matter what others’ complaints are, I can never get enough of that show. The new intro for the Michael Scott Paper Company’s office is hilarious. I love the awkward clip where they all try to walk through this bottleneck and bump into each other!!! And LOST–I’ve always loved Kate/Sawyer, and I SO prefer Sawyer’s leadership style to Jack’s, so these past few episodes have been wonderful by me. 30 Rock was delightful as always, and I’ll give Parks and Recreation at least 4 episodes to warm up. Amy Poehler is hysterical and I adore her, so she could easily carry the show for me if she’s given good lines and decent character development.
Dollhouse is my favorite show this year, partially because, you know, it’s the Whedster (and how can you hate the Whedster?), but also because it’s good. I just roped my roommates into watching last night’s episode with me, and even with all of the complex background they missed, they loved it! The show is very appealing and exciting. I love the plot twists, the character development, and the unpredictability of each episode. It’s very fresh and fun. And I love the way Joss Whedon writes women! So much better than the 99 per 100 female characters on TV that just play out old stereotypes. It seems so basic that you would try to write a realistic person, but it’s like most male writers have never met a woman before from they way they write them. I shouldn’t be overly critical here, though…there’s a reason I’ve only had 2 stories with male main characters! I don’t understand men as well as I’d have to to write from their perspective realistically. However, I try not to portray them as objects or inconsequential people, which I feel is how a lot of female characters are.

So let’s talk minicomics. I have Out of Place 1-6 minis, The College Life, Bridging the Gap, A Room of One’s Own, and Bump. I like Out of Place chapter 6 and the short stories, but it was really hard to reread the early chapters of Out of Place. I don’t think I’ll print them again–they’re so bad, it’s really not to my advantage to help people associate that art/storytelling with me! I felt that I needed them, so if people wanted to hop into Out of Place, they could read from the begining. It’s a house with a poor foundation, though. I’m going to have to abandon it soon and move on. It’s been almost 6 years with a story I wrote at 15! Yuckers!
The only thing that’s left to do with the minis is reprint The College Life (I printed 15 copies of the whole thing with a page missing!!! OTL), and make the signs for my table. I’m hoping to have some art project time this weekend when I go home for Easter to cut out cardboard, paint it white, and sharpie on some eyecatching phrases like “Free candy!” “Free comics!” “Take one!!” Lol. That’ll get people to look at my table, right???

Now I’ve got to pack and get ready to leave for the weekend. My friend Mary is in town for a surprise spring break from her study abroad program in Turkey, so I’m very excited to see her!

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