Blog Every Day April: 13

Finished my signs this weekend! They’re simple, but I had a good time getting crafty. It’s been a while since I worked in anything even remotely 3D, so it felt like a new medium even though it was just mounting paper on cardboard. :)

Right now I’m watching Norah Robert’s Tribute on Lifetime. Don’t laugh. xD It’s entertaining. + Cadburry Eggs = Aaaaaaah.

I’m going to try to write after homework. There’s an old story I want to rework and pitch if I still like it enough. I’ve had a bad creative block since finishing A Room of One’s Own last weekend, but a week’s break from art isn’t the end of the world. Hopefully my brain is renewed and ready to create once more!

Ooh, also want to find the piano music for ‘Mad World’. Did you hear Adam Lambert sing it??? 8D

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