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I don’t have enough money to buy everyone’s books. I don’t own studio space or publish material. One small thing I can do to support other comickers, though, is to pimp them out, and hopefully spread the joy of their stories and art! Thus I give you: The Minicomic Post!! :D
Titles I picked up at Stumptown this year:

Copy Jerk 01 by Matthew Metzler
This mini had great production quality and content. Though the boob jokes probably weren’t written for my demographic, I laughed out loud many times at the mini’s other jokes. The art style is nice, too–I like the clean linework and coloring, and Metzler is pro at expressions and drawing his characters consistently.

Devil Bids Us Skoal by Ainsley Yeager
This mini is a print preview for Devil Bids Us Skoal, a webcomic now up on Webcomics Nation. Though it is just a taste of a much larger story, Ainsley’s fast and fun storytelling style is evident from the first pages alone, and her art leaves you wanting more.

Dinosaur Vs Robot by Ainsley Yeager
Ainsley gave me issues 5 and 6 to pore over, and now I want issue 7! Her autobiographical mini series expresses her emotions and documents her accomplishments and failures over several months of her life in each issue. I really enjoyed this form of journaling as a reader. Each strip is only 1 or 2 panels, but it tells you exactly what was going on with Ainsley that day. When read in succession in this mini format, you feel like you know the author personally, and are rooting for her to keep going.

Flaccid Badger Wants an Apple by Cat Ellis
This is one of my favorite comics ever, ever, ever. I have a boner for Flaccid Badger (Aaaah! See what I did there?!). He flops over inanimate objects so cutely, you might just squeal out loud when you read it. In public. The storytelling style mocks children’s books with simple sentences accompanied by hilarious, sometimes less G-rated images. With a mere 8 pages, Flaccid Badger has worked his floppy way onto my “favorites” bookshelf.

Fredrick the Whale by Matt Grigsby
Fredrick the Whale is the silly story of a whale who just wants a bottle of milk, is that so much to ask?! Grigsby took the inspiration for the comic from a group of 6-10 year olds playing a camp storytelling game, which makes it even cuter and funnier than it already is. The art, especially the design for Fredrick, works great with the story.

How I Was Born Again by Brendan Wright
Wright prefaced this to me by saying, “It’s from 2 years ago, so…you know.” However, the story doesn’t loose its value over time, I think. The main character, a 15 year old boy, agrees to go to church for the first time when a cute blond asks him to go with her. He explains his relationship with religion, the details of his ‘conversion’, and his feelings afterward in a straight-forward, relatable voice. Anyone who has had questions about religion will be able to relate to some part of this endearing story.

In Contempt: Collateral Damage by Kevin Moore
I’m not normally drawn to the art style of political cartoons–heavy on the hatching, low on the grayscale–but Moore drew me in from the first strip with his clear and expressive faces and body language. The comic isn’t bogged down with dialogue, either, which often deters me. Instead, In Contempt is funny, harsh, and fast-paced. I ate it up in about 10 minutes, and then read it again. My favorite image was that of King George the W (with lines above and below the W like a Roman numeral) in his feudal courthouse.

The Ravens’ Gambit: Issue One by Rich Ellis and Susan Tardif
I know Rich and Susan, so I know that they are talented creators. However, I was really taken aback when Susan put Ravens’ Gambit in my hands. From cover to cover, the art is awesome. I think I held it 5 times as long than one normally holds a comic without opening it, but I was too captivated by the cover to start reading right away! The pacing and story are seriously pro, and the art holds up to the story’s standards with consistent rendering and a good sense of mood. This comic even has bonus material in the back with a funny story to let you get to know the characters better–a must have!

So go and buy all of them, NOW! :P

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