Blog Every Day April: 27

Finished thumbnails today for a 5-page story called ‘Apart’ that I’m hoping to draw this spring/summer. I’ve also started penciling my ’24-Hour Comic’…but what do you call it if you drew the first draft about a single day in your life as you were living it, but then finished the final draft 2 months later…? I’m having a naming crisis. Suggestions appreciated!! I don’t think I can call it an ‘Hourly Comic’ or ’24-Hour Comic’…

I was lazy as crap today. I only had 2 hours of class, but I watched like 4 hours of TV, ate Nutella out of the jar for lunch, and have not started the massive load of homework that’s due tomorrow. I blame half of it on waking up semi-sick (sore throat…taking vitamins and crossing my fingers), and half of it on being depressed about DSC, my hardest class this term. Every Monday, I dread my homework. It’s always over material we haven’t been taught yet, and we’re graded on effort. Fuck. If I wanted to bang my head against a wall for 4 hours, I’d teach myself math and save $800! It’s the professor’s frickin job to teach us how to do the problems, and homework should enforce his lessons. That’s how I feel about it. The way things are, I have no practice doing problems the correct way. Our last quiz made me cry! Stupid DSC (read: stupid me). I’m seeing a tutor on Wednesday. T_T

*insert transition here*

How cute is this??? So simple and fresh.

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