Blog Every Day April: 28

Inked a page completely with a brush today, which is a new landmark for me. I also lettered it myself, which I never do. I do see the difference in its “organic”ness, but it is much messier than my other work, and likely will remain so through many more of these practice pages. I’m really happy with how well it turned out, though! No crisis or huge mess-ups, and I already have some control over line weight. I think that inking with pens and nibs has taught me to see how I want my lines to look before drawing them, know where they need to be heavy, etc., and all I need to do now is learn how to make similar lines with this new tool.

We watched the first half of Turtles Can Fly today in disabilities class today. I’ll be held in suspension until we finish it on Thursday. :-/ I’m worried about those kids…

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