Blog Every Day April: 5

I tried this yesterday on LJ and it was epifail, but I think that Blogger will be able to handle it:

Art timeline: Everybody’s doing it. :D Here’s a timeline of my artistic development!! I think I have everything in the proper order. So let’s start our journey with:

The Precambrian

The backstory from one of twelve main characters in one of my first stories–a Chinese-Zodiac inspired action comic. I don’t even know, she had a trauma!! or something. @__@

This I remember. I knew my skills weren’t where they had to be, so I decided to learn by just making page after finished page and improving each step in the process by doing them all with each page. That lasted, oh, a week. :P


Ahaha, ahahahahaha. Oh God, Marja. My first finished story, for the RSoM 2 contest. Poor editors.


Comic for Felicia’s birthday, junior year I think (??).

RSoM 3 entry ‘Revenge’…Word balloons are extremely important. Faces? Not so much.


Comic for the school paper, junior year of high school.

RSoM 4 entry, Island Story.

Period where I made as many short stories as possible to practice storytelling:

Hannah’s Story


The Dream

RSoM 6 entry, Bridging the Gap. If Tokyopop ever helped a starry-eyed would-be mangaka, they helped me by forcing me to tell a complete story in 20 pages. That and getting me off my ass to draw a story every time they held a contest.


Tried my hand again at webcomics with The College Life, freshman year of college.

A page for my Companion pitch to Tokyopop. Guess how that went!

My submission for the Missed Connections anthology, Bump. Also an unsuccessful attempt. Not bitter! Haha! Smiles-times! There will be other opportunities. :)

The year of Jamie Rich! Two projects he graciously invited me into that helped me learn the industry and improve my art:

From Love the Way You Love: To See The Lights

From Julie Christie!, forthcoming, I swear…! Any week now…! A first attempt at full-color comics, for better or worse.


A Room of One’s Own, a longer story than I’m used to (32 pages), and a more serious/emo tone that usual.

Out of Place through the years…

Chapter one: Just learning my tools and hoping I’m doing things in some semblance of the correct manner.


Chapter two: deciding to step up the art at the cost of updating on time every time.

Chapter 3: Oh gee, I should write this plot out in its entirety…May be time to, I don’t know, foreshadow or something.


Chapter 4: Fake ending #1! Thought I would end the webcomic with chapter 4, so even though the plot was just getting started, I made a closing scene.


Just kidding! Decided that I wanted to draw Out of Place, but I didn’t want to update onesy-twosey with pages each week and instead draw a chapter at a time. Commence chapter 5: an experiment in storytelling and printing! I sold this around Portland as a minicomic. I used Comicworks for the first time on chapter 5, and toned the entire story in that program.


Chapter 6: Picked up by, I had new motivation to improve the story and art. The story went through a huge rewrite and I repurposed the overall mood. The result was an inconsistent first 6 chapters, but a better path for the future.


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