Can’t forget we only get what we give

Finished my pencils for Oni Press’s talent search yesterday. They are asking for photocopies of the penciled pages, which made me WAY more precise than I normally am on pencils. I think it’s a really good thing, too–I often have to wing details when I ink, which leads to anatomical and general physics errors. xD; But with these tight pencils, inking will be less risky! :) I’m also pleased at how much faster I am than I was a year ago. While gathering reference and practicing new objects still takes time, actually laying out/blocking the page is getting very quick! Yippee!

Today I’m seeing my friend Mary for the first time in months–she’s been on a journey of epic proportions in Europe and the middle east this year and I am excited to hear some of her stories! We are also going to Portland’s Can’t Stop the Serenity tonight. I’m really excited to finally see the movie, and I like the cause (raising money for Equality Now).

Went to Voicebox again yesterday…that place is truly crackalicious. After a fun work day at Periscope, Cat, Ron, and Emi humored me and gave it a try. We had a ball! My favorite songs were I Will Always Love You, Don’t Stop Believing, Country Road (oh and you KNOW we know that song in Japanese!! xD).

Time to dye my hair again. Maybe plain brown this time. Red just does not last, especially in the summer when I’m out in the sun and swimming.

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