You and me are the same

Some watercolor impressions of my own:

Ava watercolor by ~Tallychyck on deviantART
New character for thesis script. We’ll see how it develops.

Character watercolor by ~Tallychyck on deviantART
Trying to decide whether I like ink or pencil better for this type of art. Sadly, I think I have ruled out watercoloring the thesis comic…it is too many new elements in an already short time period.

"You’re out living it up today, I’ve got dues to pay"

Middleman, rag doll, Keyboard Cat, and Bad Robot

With ‘off the res’ Emi

I had a FAB Halloween weekend in Portland, Medicine Fridaying myself back to health, sketching it up with sketchgroup, cheering on the Ducks to glorious victory, and, cough, blacking out at Halloween on Hawthorne. Now I’m back at school, and things just keep getting gradually busier!

Still working on most of the same art projects, with Wonder Woman and Monsters & Dames squared away, a new commission for next month, and that children’s book project for school. Between Gears needs to kick into gear and catch up, but since it comes after my paid work, that’s just got to wait a little longer. Still, there were 5 new pages yesterday if you missed it.

It’s also time to write the story that I want to turn into a comic for my senior thesis. I present my prospectus on November 30, so time is short to research, write, and practice. I have 10 books checked out, with 10 more waiting for me at the library. Since ‘research’ is reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle, I don’t mind at all. :P

I’m still applying for JET, little by little, and allllmost have all of my outside forms gathered, which is the most stressful part.

I’m stressed out by all of these moving parts (oh yeah, and there’s CLASS, too), but each area is fun in its own right. Got to keep a tight schedule and make sure that everything happens on time and WELL!

One: Cut a hole in the box

I had some extra time tonight, so I made my Halloween costume (I’m going to be the Bad Robot mascot). Observe:

So, seriously, step 1 is cut a hole in the box:

Iz just mai size!

Modifying the form: the bad robot has a little wedge nose, and as hard as I looked, I couldn’t find anything this shape. I cut and bent cardboard into a wedge and duct taped it in place, then paper mached over it to make a solid shape.

Paper mache!! Strips of newspaper dipped into the mush (2 parts Elmer’s glue, 1 part hot water) and laid to dry on the form.

Other details: cutting ping pong balls in half for the eyes and duct taping magnetic ‘bolts’ to my shirt.

Then painting:

Finally, assembly! Super glue for the magnet ‘bolts’, duct tape for the pipe cleaner spring.

And a little sharpie for edge effects.

Eh? Ehh? I have silver pipecleaner in bands around my neck as well, and then a solid skirt and heels. Use your imagination, and…


So make a move cause I ain’t got all night

There’s a nice article up on Neighborhood Notes today by Jamie Rich. He interviews Wonder Woman Day founder and organizer Andy Mangels, current Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti, Emi Lenox, and myself about Wonder Woman, the charity, and the art that we contributed.

I am trying to draw as much as humanly possible today. Recruitment is over, but school continues to kill my drawing time day after day, and my very good friend Molly will be visiting and having super fun times with me this weekend. Art must happen today!!!

So far today, I’ve inked a few pages from the project I am doing with Jake Ingman. Next is Between Gears, then some more coloring on the Monsters & Dames piece. Lately, I feel like I’m getting nowhere, no matter how many hours I find for art, but I am going to change that! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, lalalalalala~

Pictures came and broke your heart

Previews from a current project:

I am finally ready to ink this story after an embarrassingly long pencil stage. The author is as yet unpublished in comics, and I think that he will really blow people away with this story.

I’ve got no reason for the state I’m in

Posting this from my new laptop, woohoo! Set up all the basic settings + internet today, hope to get through installing my software and transferring all of my files over this weekend. Usually my dad does this for me and lets me watch, but while he’s in the hospital I might as well implement what I’ve learned. Let’s hope I don’t fuck up too badly :P

I finished putting together a story proposal earlier this week. It feels great to clear that off the table for a while. On my plate now: 15-page comic commission, acrylic portrait, 5-page anthology story. It never ends, and I wouldn’t want it to~

Butter me up, I’m on a roll!

The toaster people are ready~~ 8D

When/in what form they’ll be available TBD. And since I know you’re all curious what I would look like as one:

The most evident utensil is none other than a pencil

Got a lot further on those chibis last night–now they are all inked and waiting for watercolor:

I hope that adding color adds to rather than subtracts from them. I kind of like them as is, but I’m going to color them anyway. Onward! Manifest color destiny!

I am also working on character designs for a very exciting project I’ll announce soon. It’s challenging, but I do enjoy a good challenge. :P

Aachgh, Evident Utensil by Chairlift is SO GOOD!! Don’t get the music video at all, but the song has been on repeat on my laptop for about a week 8D;

Housing for next year drama continues; school is also wringing out the last stress it can from me in these final days before moving home. Emily is throwing a party tonight in our apartment, and I would be a horrible person to skip it, but I’m starting to feel a little claustrophobic in my evasive/stressed-out state. I’ll try not to think about the library as I’m playing Pass The Pigs, haha.

Get it on! Get it on! Get it on! Nothing to fear

It was SO HOT in Eugene this weekend!! I was sticking to my desk so badly, I had to give in to the impulse to go for a walk by the Willamette and laze around on the lawn with a book. It’s great to need sunglasses and shorts again.

If I have learned one thing about myself as an artist this year, it’s that I thrive on deadlines. Creativity honestly comes easiest when I know exactly how much time I have, and it looks challenging. To tap into that drive for my summer projects, I’ve calculated approximately how many units of work each project requires (about an hour each…units of work could be “scan a page” or 2 units of work for “pencil a page”), and the total for all projects. Then, I can divide the units of work remaining by the days remaining and set a daily goal to get everything done. A little OCD, but excellent for my motivation. I love the feeling of racing or ‘beating’ a daily goal. Right now, the daily goal is 4 units of work, so I inked one page (2 units) and penciled one (2 units). Now I’m going to smack that daily goal down with another ink! >:D

I’ve been job-searching more fervently as we reach the one-month-till-summer mark. I applied for 2 receptionist jobs this weekend, and have considered a wide variety of other jobs while cruising Craigslist. Dental hygienist, waiter, bartender, graphic artist, painter…ice cream truck driver??

Yup. I could be that creeper handing you or your kid a choco-taco this summer. :P

I don’t really mind what I do, but I’d like to know what I’m doing before too long!

If you didn’t notice boy you meant everything

Nick’s Birthday_ink
Originally uploaded by tallychyck

I’ve been playing around with brush inking this month, and have decided on a new project to help me learn: I’m going to attempt to recreate 5-20 of my favorite old photos with waterproof ink and brushes, and then watercolor them. Ideally, this will help me learn 4 things I could use practice on (anatomy, environments, brush inking, and watercolor), and be a very fun time, too! Who doesn’t love reliving happy old moments?

This recreation is from a photo of my little brother Nick’s 10th birthday, with my little little brother Neil making a great face (Are they not adorable??):

Oh hey, third benefit I just thought of: I’ll be ahead on Christmas presents!! xD;

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