I was searching, you were on a mission

The last 10 days have not been good for art (…or almost anything else). As soon as I started packing up my things in Eugene, my art productivity did a nose dive, and I have only eked out a couple of for-fun illustrations since then (the majority of which I HATE). I forced some Between Gears pages yesterday, but they look TERRIBLE. :( The state of my art life affects other areas of my life, and this kind of inactivity/dissatisfaction is literally depressing me.

Last night, I went out with friends to celebrate being home. Terry gave me some advice that I really needed. He said that when he finished school, he gave himself a month to just be like, “I just finished 4 years of school. I am going to take a month off and only draw when I want to.” It’s hard for me to be idle…in some ways, I’m like a workaholic…but I need to RELAX and not beat myself up for needing that relaxation after this ridiculous year, the thesis, etc. A daily autobio comic might be really rough work by definition, but I shouldn’t hate the way that it turns out. I need to want to be drawing it at least a little bit when I’m drawing it! I want to like it and be proud of it when I’m done.


Ano hi yo ano hi yo ano toki ni nakushita michi o mise


You love the people that love you

New art:

Visit by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Dancing with myself

Red Fence by Adam Turman

Iiiiiiii really like this print, and a lot of the other stuff on this guy’s site. It came up after a search for people walking on fences, which is what I want Ava to be doing on the cover of the Over the Surface minicomic. Better than reference, a new artist to follow!

I’m alive! I’m alive!

Last Unicorn and Molly Grue by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Now as the summer fades I let you slip away, you say I’m not your type but I can make you sway

TLDR; Happy New Year!

Things I did in 2009 that I am happy about or proud of:

-Was published (for the first time!) in Image’s This Is A Souvenir
-Grew the ovaries to drop the business major to a minor and explain why to my dad
-Moved out of my sorority and into a wonderful living space with 2 friends
-Went to my first convention as an exhibitor and LOVED IT
-Went to my first Comic-Con and LOVED IT
-Saw and listened to Miyazaki not only in person, but from 20 feet away
-Made awesome new friends that light up my life
-Learned how to ink with a brush pen and with a brush
-Gave watercolor a second chance and grew to love it
-House-searched for the first time
-Started Between Gears

Things I want to do in 2010:

-Have a great time at my first ECCC and second Stumptown Comics Fest
-Finish my thesis (WELL)
-Finish Between Gears in style
-Get a Job
-Move out of my parents’ house
-Move into a super awesome bachelorette pad
-Get my next big comic started and show it to publishers
-Maintain my friendships

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry

Here’s a little WIP for my dad’s x-mas gift:

(Click on the second image to see full size on DeviantArt.)

Very thin ice, very thin ice

I’ve received some AMAZING art gifts this year, and just want to take a second to pimp them! (There will be more once I can get the physical art I’ve received scanned and uploaded)

First up, here’s a birthday present Nico sent me on Tuesday!! ADORABLE. I smell a new profile picture~~ :)

Next, not actually for me, but for Emi. This one is by Ron Chan for Emi’s comic Emitown! DAH. How sick is this??! LOVE IT. (I’m second from the right, with the gun!! GUN!!)

Everyone put on your jammies now!

Some more Christmas art for y’all:

Tally Nourigat’s Gift
Originally uploaded by Erika Moen

Circle Skirt by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Audrey Hepburn by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Is our secret safe tonight

Catwoman by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

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