I love you more than words could say

Practiced drawing my Over the Surface characters during my wonderful, lazy Thanksgiving holiday:

Tell me would it make you happy baby

Brenda Hickey’s Ava
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Dude, my friends. They are really the best. Check out these awesome pieces of Over the Surface fan art from Brenda Hickey and Terry Blas!!

Terry Blas’s Ava
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Surrounded by subconsciousnesses

Here’s a little Over the Surface 2 preview for you. I am toning page 17 now, and I should be done well ahead of my Wednesday deadline.

Backing up obsessively! :P

And I am not afraid to try it on my own

I’m calling it a night; I have an early train tomorrow to Portland! Woohoo, Stumptown Comics Fest weekend!!!! Before I turn it off, here’s a preview from Over the Surface 2:

(I have 15/24 pages done on this chapter, 31/40 total, and 11 days remaining)

I realize I must have gone a million miles away

I will be at the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend in Portland at table 114 with Emi Lenox and Angie Wang! Come on by! I will have the same things I had at ECCC (4 new minicomics, 2 prints, buttons, con sketches) PLUS a print of my Monsters and Dames illustration!

I haven’t posted in a while, but you haven’t missed anything. It’s just thesis, thesis, THESIS at my house, punctuated only by a couple of commissions. I gave a first draft of my essay to my primary and secondary advisers at the beginning of the week, and I am drawing page 13 of the comic today (29 out of 40 total). I have to turn in all of the finished art and the final version of the paper on May 5…14 days from now. Dear God back to work.

I will try to make Over the Surface chapter 2 available as a minicomic in my Etsy store in late May.

I’ll be there as soon as I can

Here’s another preview from Over the Surface 2:
(7 out of 24 pages done!!! Drew 6 of them in 5 days!! WHOOO!)

I don’t want to give away so much in these previews that it ruins the comic, but enough that you don’t have to go without new art for the next month.

My mom is coming to my thesis defense next month. :) D’aww.
EDIT: from the second page I drew today:

It is a day for drawing my horrified characters, I guess :P

And Windy has stormy eyes

Working away on my thesis! Chapter 2 thumbnails are done:

Chapter 2 is one and a half times as long as chapter 1, so I am very nervous about meeting my deadline (and leaving time for the PAPER part of the thesis). I have to turn in my thesis May 5, and present May 12, so the next 5 weeks will be all about drawing these pages and writing a very important paper.

My love I am the speed of sound

Here’s a preview of page 12 of Over the Surface, which I actually managed to finish a day ahead of the schedule that I set on Sunday!

Today I will attempt to draw page 13 from start to finish. My boyfriend is taking me to a party Friday and my family is visiting on Saturday, so it would be nice to stay well ahead of schedule and enjoy myself when I’m with them.

I am so excited for Seattle, you guys. Omgsh. Once the stressful preparations are over, I am going to be like a kid on Christmas morning.

Too little much too late

Preview of page 10 of Over the Surface:

My schedule for the next 13 days:

Monday: OtS page 11
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: OtS page 12
Thursday: class and hw
Friday: OtS page 13, friend’s party
Saturday: OtS page 14, family visiting
Sunday: OtS page 15
Monday: OtS page 16
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: clean up and finish OtS, print and assemble minicomics
Thursday: write 2 finals essays (ahahahahaha…) and then take the bus to Portland
Friday: Drive to Seattle with Emi
Saturday: Emerald City Comicon!!!!!!


Ashita ga aru!

Larsha is officially done and printing! Whoo! And great news: J. and I have decided to sell minicomics of it at my booths at ECCC and Stumptown!! :D It is well-written and full-color and I am really happy with it. Please check it out! More information later~

I finished the linoleum prints for the Between Gears and Over the Surface minis this week, and though I am no master printer I hope that people will enjoy them!

Now the only big thing I have left for convention preparations is Over the Surface. I finished page 9 tonight, the cover and bonus art pages are done and printed…it’s just 7 more pages of art before March 11!…
Seriously getting down to the wire, but I’m keeping my head down and telling myself “I think I can!!” I have made 2 pages in a day each, which I didn’t know I was capable of, so that’s a real boost of confidence at least! (me=silver lining person)

Here’s my favorite part of page 9:

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