Ain’t no clouds getting in my way I must be running on sunshine

Aaaand here’s draft one of the Over the Surface cover:

Somehow I can’t shake the feeling I might make a difference to the human race

Larsha is wrapping up and it is on to Over the Surface! Can I finish in time for ECCC??? Stay tuned to find out…

Today I am coloring the cover:

Covers are strange beasts…you want each half of the image to be a complete composition, as well as make sense when seen together.

Forever is a long long time when you lost your way

I am really happy with the art of Over the Surface (my thesis comic) so far. Each page starts out with a panic and ends with me proud of how it turned out. However, I’m concerned that I scripted the whole thing completely wrong for the time/content parameters given by the thesis.

I wanted something that could be a stand-alone short story and also set up elements for a much longer one, but I made the classic mistake of going too epic and needing chapters and chapters just to establish things. I just feel like, at this point, I should have written a good 40-page story instead. I have other long projects I want to work on next year, so why did I feel the need to write 3 graphic novels’ worth…? Just in case? It came at the cost of what might have been a good short story.

Maybe this isn’t the sort of thing I should put on display, but I prefer being open with you guys, and writing it out helps me to learn.


I’m almost there

One down, fifteen to go! I think I can! >__

Guess who saw The Princess and the Frog again today xD;

I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly

Begun, the thesis final art has. I penciled the first page today, tackling two establishing shots of Ava’s village. I’m happy with the pencils but nervous for the inks.

Have some sketcheray:

How hard must I try for you?

It’s the first Wednesday of the term, and I am going to try to fulfill one of my goals: to leave Wednesdays as completely sacred, free days for working on my thesis. I did all of my homework for Thursday last night before bed, so today is wide open for the thesis (with breaks throughout the day for a work-out and meals). As a reward, I’m going to have a second cup of coffee at Starbucks and work there until I need to come home. Let’s see how it goes!

Here are some things I did this morning:

Urban landscapes kill me, but this comic is a challenge on purpose! I can’t draw planes well yet, either, but this script will force me to learn.

Here’s a set of thumbnails. I stay very loose at this stage, just trying to figure out the page layout, the size and shape of the panels, and basic blocking of characters and setting. I usually write notes in the margins instead of correcting things at this size (2.5″x3.5″ makes for tedious drawing).

Dreams do come true in New Orleans!

Here’s a test page for my thesis comic. It’s that time! I plan to finish thumbnails for the first 2 chapters by Wednesday, and it’ll be a pretty busy schedule to get the final art done by May. The first chapter will be done and printed in minis by ECCC, so if you’re going, you can read it there!

I think it’s time to ink with a brush, even if it’s still messy. I plan to work at bigger dimensions to minimize problems with things like the face in panel 2. Flat grayscale because I’ve grown to like that this year, and it prints oh so much more nicely than dithered dots. P.S., I have no idea what’s going on in this page. I just wanted to draw a variety of character placements and backgrounds!

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