Harry Potter references in Between Gears:

I counted 8. If you find one that I missed, comment here or e-mail me a description and I’ll draw your favorite HP character.

1) “…Snape’s patronus.” in foreword

2) Oct 19 – Hogwarts/Pigfarts

3) Jan 17 – Dumbledore

4) Mar 4 – invisibility cloak

5) Mar 30 – ‘Harry Potter did WHAT to WHO?!’

6) Mar 30 – Wizard People, Dear Reader

7) May 12 – ‘Gryffindor won the house cup…’

8) Bonus Material (SF trip comics) – ‘Nick is on a Harry Potter kick’

(^This one has 9)

I’m moving past the feeling

Between Gears came out last week!! Release week was tons of fun. Read Christian Lipski’s article on the release party here.

(photo by the Deborah Lipski)

With my Oni and Lerner books done and Between Gears released, it’s time to focus on Over the Surface! I updated that project’s blog yesterday.

Here is a preview of upcoming fan art for Arrietty:

I LOVED that movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it in theaters, then buy every song Cecile Corbel made for the movie. They are GORGEOUS. I have been listening to a mix of them all week as a writing soundtrack. My favorite right now is ‘My First Borrowing’ (Disney seems to be pretty on top of blocking uploads at the moment, or I would link it).

地球はまわる 君をかくして

My Between Gears comp copies came yesterday, so I’m having a giveaway (starting at 12:01 PM)!!

Coming through the trees

My Etsy shop is off of vacation mode! I’ve listed all of the minicomics I have in stock, as well as a Between Gears original page:

You’ve journeyed far

Oh boy oh boy! Image Comics’s February solicitations just went up on CBR, and Between Gears is among them!

story / art / cover NATALIE NOURIGAT
This honest, autobiographical account of a college senior’s life will transport you to the land of Jell-O shots, term papers, job interviews, road trips, and sanguine optimism in the face of uncertainty and change. Trade paperback collects the comic in its entirety, with 30 pages of new material!”

Here’s a preview of the cover artwork:

I am incredibly excited; this is my first book and I am honored to see it get the Image treatment!

I’ll post more in the next few months with more book previews and any new ordering info. Please help me spread the word between now and February 22! :)

Don’t you want me to be the captain of your submarine up periscope

Deconstructing Comics Episode #285 part 1 takes a look at comic studio set-ups. I talk about Periscope Studio around 19:40. I have to research my Periscope history…!

Portland Comics posted an article on Periscope today as well.

7 new Between Gears pages up today if you haven’t read them!

There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now

New: fan art for The Princess and the Frog!

Also, 9 new Between Gears pages this week!

I complain very little because it’s better than it was

4 new Between Gears pages today! And I drew 2 more as a warm-up today. :D I think I’ll do the same thing I did last summer: draw as many as I can during the week and update every Monday morning. 68 leeeeeeeeft.

I feel like a machine lately. Not only have I been churning out page after page, day after day, but I’m managing to fit in tons of fun/social things as well. Please let me keep this up!

And please make my neighbors shut up, because this machine runs partially on sleep. >:-/ They have been bad lately. Partying late, and being loud early. Today I woke up at 5:30 to what sounded like hammering (but couldn’t possibly have been–who is that dumb?!). I make lemonade when I have to…so today I was at the studio by 7…but I would like to be able to sleep regular hours. X(

I heard, I heard, what you gonna do?

God, I love Parks and Rec. I rewatched one of my favorite exchanges today, a deleted scene from the episode ‘Kaboom’:

Marlene: “You cut through the red tape? Honey, don’t you know why red tape was invented? To cover your ass. Red tape is our pants.”
Leslie: “Mom, I went rogue. I went cowboy. Now I have to find a way to go reverse-cowboy.”
Marlene: “Leslie, please. You don’t even know what that means. What are you trying to say?”

Leslie: “I built a playground in a day. A day. It was like your stories of cocaine.”
Marlene: “Leslie, those were different times. Everyone in government was doing cocaine. It was like Snapple.”

Today I find myself strangely free of artistic duties, so I think I will draw me some Between Gears. :)

I can’t stop thinking about you

Hey guys!

Sorry if you’ve already read this in 3 places, but Between Gears is up for a Smack Jeeves Award! See the nominees here, and vote here. The other nominees are really fun; check them out!

I’m working pretty much exclusively on Between Gears these days, and getting ready for Comic-Con (just 2 weeks away!!!).

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