You have been cloudy, distant, dark; I’m thinking of Noah and the ark

9 new Between Gears pages this week!

I just drew the last November page, and hit the 100 page milestone!! WHOOHOO!! Just 172 left! Ha ha….

I’ve been hitting a lot of milestones lately. I went to my last Pi Phi chapter last week, took my last test on Tuesday, turned in my archival thesis copies today, and have my last day of class (EVER!) tomorrow! Exciting times, exciting times.

Consider this the calm before the storm of new art that will come after I move home and get set up there. :D Priority 1 will be finishing Between Gears. I start a BIG project in the middle of August, and would really really really like to finish BG before I get taken away by that. It’s a pretty daunting race against time–I have to make 17 pages per week for 10 weeks to finish in time. But if you know me you know that’s exactly the kind of challenge that gets me psyched to work :P

Oregon is being a beez this spring/summer. May was a bust, raining or cloudy all but a handful of days, and June is off to the same start. Even for Oregon, it’s ridiculous and depressing. CHANGE!

EDIT: Oh HAY! Did I ever mention that my thesis went really well??? IT WENT REALLY WELL! I passed with distinction, which is the best you can do. It means that out of the honors college theses presented this year, mine was in the top 10%!

I can dream of ways to keep you occupied

7 new Between Gears pages in the last week!

I’m going back and finishing November and December, so check the site often, because I will place pages in their proper order in the archives after they have been up for a week, and then they will be hard to find.

Obviously I have more time to work on BG now that the thesis and Over the Surface are over, but another great breakthrough that has allowed me to update more often is that I am penciling with blue lead now instead of graphite. With non-photo blue pencils, I can ink over them and NOT erase! It’s wonderful. I used to have to ink my pages again after erasing pencils, because the eraser would fade the ink pretty badly, but no more! Pages take a lot less time to make, which means more pages, faster! (^^)b

Last week, I counted all of the pages I need to make for BG and all of the pages that I have made so far. I am at just about 1/3 of the pages done, which is actually a lot better than I thought! I am starting a big project in August, and I would really, REALLY like to finish BG before I start that. I want to have a complete narrative of my senior year from September – June, and I think that the next couple months are the best window I will have to finish it for quite a while.

Let it come true right now

I added Over the Surface, Between Gears, and The Legend of Larsha to my Etsy store, which means that all 4 new 2010 minis are now available online! :D

Ashita ga aru!

Larsha is officially done and printing! Whoo! And great news: J. and I have decided to sell minicomics of it at my booths at ECCC and Stumptown!! :D It is well-written and full-color and I am really happy with it. Please check it out! More information later~

I finished the linoleum prints for the Between Gears and Over the Surface minis this week, and though I am no master printer I hope that people will enjoy them!

Now the only big thing I have left for convention preparations is Over the Surface. I finished page 9 tonight, the cover and bonus art pages are done and printed…it’s just 7 more pages of art before March 11!…
Seriously getting down to the wire, but I’m keeping my head down and telling myself “I think I can!!” I have made 2 pages in a day each, which I didn’t know I was capable of, so that’s a real boost of confidence at least! (me=silver lining person)

Here’s my favorite part of page 9:

Life is love in a neon rainbow

Get excited! I’ve been working on bonus material for the Between Gears minis, including toning tips, my process, a limited edition linoleum print, and pin-ups that will only be available in the minis.

Between Gears minicomic cover by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Love is our resistance

AAAAH check out this comic from my cousin Emily!! LOVE IT. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Man, it’s shocking good to me that she knows to use an establishing shot at her age!!

It’s one of the presents I mentioned in this Between Gears.

You just keep me hanging on

Wish me luck on inking and coloring these pages! For only then can there be Between Gears pages…

We are widening the corridors and adding more lanes

Recruitment is FINALLY OVER!!!!! We have 45 lovely new members, including 2 of my rush crushes. :) Let the real world resume.

I am eating Marshmallow Magic lately, which is something between Pokemon and Lucky Charms. (I love definitely-not-Ash’s wizard hat. wtf)

And I am working on Between Gears pages now. Don’cha fret.

Follow me down into the valley below

New Between Gears pages coming soon~…

100% reason to remember the name

It’s coming~~~! I still don’t have Photoshop working (tech nightmare…don’t make me type it out…), but I’m still toning the new Between Gears pages, slowly, by mouse. So get excited!

Oh, and funny story, the heavy line on the bottom left of this lady’s sweatshirt was an accident–I dropped the brush pen! It left this thick, wavy line, and I changed her outfit to accommodate it. :P

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