Maybe it was only the sun behind the clouds

It Girl & the Atomics #11 comes out on Wednesday!  Be sure to pick it up.  Solicitations are also out for the big second trade, collecting issues 7-12.

I went to see Man of Steel on Saturday with Madeleine Flores.  So fun!  We made reaction comics after; check ‘em out!

I’m still taking French classes and practicing however I can.  It was really funny to learn a couple of weeks ago at ICAF that Jen Vaughn also listens to Coffee Break French, and we found out on Twitter that Monica Gallagher does, too! :P Woo comics ladies learnin’ French!  Here’s a hilarious snippet from April’s French Elle magazine:


In other news, I dragged my giant bin of original artwork out of my storage shed and performed an inventory check on what I have.  It’s…insane.  10+ years of drawing comics will give you one massive stack of artwork.  Jamie S. Rich is going to take over dealing my artwork for me (yay!!!).  I couldn’t be happier–this stuff shouldn’t be gathering dust in my storage shed.  Jamie can actually market and move it for me, so people will have a chance to buy my originals.  More news on that soon.


What’s this?  What’s this?? #teaser


My youngest brother, Neil, just graduated from high school.  I could hardly believe it when this happened at the ceremony:

Portland summer is in full swing.  Graduation parties, long sunny days, open swimming pools…it’s wonderful.  I’m trying not to get distracted from my projects, but to a certain extent I have to give in to a little summery fun while it’s here. :) I’m a part of a small miracle this week: 6 cartoonists leaving town for a vacation together.  It’s ridiculously hard for us to take time off, let alone coordinate our freelancer schedules.  I’ve been trying to put this vacation together for over a year, haha, and it’s finally happening!  So excited!

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