Get my coat and make it snappy

Another illustration:

I heart Batgirl: Year One. Marcos Martin draws an awesome Batgirl.

I’m working on my inking and experimenting with spot blacks. Thus the butt hatching and such.

Walking up the hill tonight

Line art for a new piece:

EDIT: And the finished illustration:

London by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

itsudemo darekaga kitto soba ni iru

I inked this piece tonight and broadcast part of it live on UStream. I’m sorry there wasn’t any warning; it was a last-minute decision and a test to see what broadcasting was like. When I try it again I will give you some warning in case you want to catch it live! :)

Of course, you can follow me on Twitter for the most up-to-the-second updates about things like this. :P

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry

Here’s a little WIP for my dad’s x-mas gift:

(Click on the second image to see full size on DeviantArt.)

Won’t you pay attention please?

Here’s a preview of the inked version of these pencils I posted last month:

AAAAH. More work to do!!

Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit, you need a guardian

It’s the end of a very long art day. I drew animals and characters from The Second Witch of Wilheim ALL. DAY. This is just a fraction of what I got done. It was a much-needed productive day:

I’m very happy with this project right now! Wish me more productive days~~~

These were all drawn with my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, recommended by Angie! I LOVE it!

I don’t have a simple answer

Here’s a test page (read: no rulers) from The Second Witch of Wilheim:

It is a slow, steady march toward inking with a brush comfortably.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

Poooooll tiiiiime!!

Please answer in comments or sidebar poll: Which do you like better–brush or nib inking?

(nib left, brush right)

(nib top, brush bottom)

My my time flies

One last postponement to the Comic-Con post: new art post!

Sketches of Delilah I did on the trip with my new brushpen:
Sadly, the ol’ brushpen was not a good flier. It spewed all of it’s ink on the first drawing (ugh, and dripped, which bled through 2 pages), then promptly ran out of ink. Must go buy a new cartridge today. :-/ Lesson learned.

I hear you say it play it smart girl

I finished my portfolio today (PHEW), so I took the evening off to make……
It had to happen. :P I love Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s work more than anything else in the art world. Princess Mononoke is the reason I started imitating anime and manga styles, studying Japanese, writing stories for comics, and eventually drawing comics. Nausicaa is my favorite of all of the Ghibli movies, and my favorite Ghibli character. I drew her here at the base of the poisoned forest, in the outfit she wore in the manga for this scene.
If it’s humanly possible, you can bet I’ll be in the panel Miyazaki speaks at this week in San Diego, and I will bring this on the sliver of a chance that I can give it to him. >3

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