Maybe it was only the sun behind the clouds

It Girl & the Atomics #11 comes out on Wednesday!  Be sure to pick it up.  Solicitations are also out for the big second trade, collecting issues 7-12.

I went to see Man of Steel on Saturday with Madeleine Flores.  So fun!  We made reaction comics after; check ‘em out!

I’m still taking French classes and practicing however I can.  It was really funny to learn a couple of weeks ago at ICAF that Jen Vaughn also listens to Coffee Break French, and we found out on Twitter that Monica Gallagher does, too! :P Woo comics ladies learnin’ French!  Here’s a hilarious snippet from April’s French Elle magazine:


In other news, I dragged my giant bin of original artwork out of my storage shed and performed an inventory check on what I have.  It’s…insane.  10+ years of drawing comics will give you one massive stack of artwork.  Jamie S. Rich is going to take over dealing my artwork for me (yay!!!).  I couldn’t be happier–this stuff shouldn’t be gathering dust in my storage shed.  Jamie can actually market and move it for me, so people will have a chance to buy my originals.  More news on that soon.


What’s this?  What’s this?? #teaser


My youngest brother, Neil, just graduated from high school.  I could hardly believe it when this happened at the ceremony:

Portland summer is in full swing.  Graduation parties, long sunny days, open swimming pools…it’s wonderful.  I’m trying not to get distracted from my projects, but to a certain extent I have to give in to a little summery fun while it’s here. :) I’m a part of a small miracle this week: 6 cartoonists leaving town for a vacation together.  It’s ridiculously hard for us to take time off, let alone coordinate our freelancer schedules.  I’ve been trying to put this vacation together for over a year, haha, and it’s finally happening!  So excited!

Let’s get out of this town baby we’re on fire

Heh, I’m still getting used to the WordPress interface.  Funny how something little like switching blogging platforms can be so jarring.



I wrapped up It Girl #12 last week!  #11 comes out June 19; be sure to place your orders at your local comic shop.  The feedback for #10 has been really good.  Big thanks to everyone who’s been writing Jamie and me and spreading the word online.

Now I’m back to Over the Surface and an unannounced project.  My collaborators on both projects have put me on something I’m fondly calling my “payment plan”, which is 3 pages/week for each, due to prolonged negligence in favor of lucrative freelance work.  It’s good hard love, and much needed to make these projects happen.  I don’t want to keep relegating them to the back burner, even though commercial work = good.

Portland hosted the 2013 Internation Comic Arts Forum last weekend.  I was able to attend a couple of the talks, learned more about the UO’s comics minor, and got to hear Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá speak about their careers and artistic development.  We’re really spoiled in Portland; I can’t believe how many amazing people have come through town just this spring.

Lastly, the Picture This! show I participated in at Bridgetown Comedy Fest last month was recorded, and I was so happy to see this clip go up online this week.  Check it out!

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