I do not feel ashamed

So here’s what happened last night:

Have you seen What Women Want?  I recommend it!  Try finding a copy to watch before reading these comics; they’ll be funnier if you are familiar with the movie:

What Women Want was released when I was 12, and I only saw about 10 minutes of it on TV once, so it was practically brand new to me.  I thought previously that it was a standard romcom, and the convenient magic element turned me off in the previews, but I turned out to really like it!  I’m glad I went back and watched it.  It had some really great things to say and I loved a LOT of little things the movie did.  Probably too many to list.  But here are a few: hearing the deaf women’s conversation, Nick’s rant to his male coworker about what he’s discovered about men and women, positive portrayal of Nike (Portland priiiide), so very many lady characters / speaking roles, the Ivy-league-graduated secretary’s rant, the way that Alex knew all of the reassuring cliches but hearing them reinforced by her dad helped her believe them, the reveal about Erin appealing to Nick to be a copywriter, Darcy sinking into her bubble bath after her bad day rather than answering her phone, and just the general lack of things that piss me off in movies (directed by a woman and co-written by a man and two women…coincidence?).

My other movie reaction comics:  Looper, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Mike, Brave, Prometheus

She’s bad and she knows I think that she knows

A few pieces of news:

I was honored to be a guest on The Gnerd Podcast with Terry and Colin last week!  They are two of my favorite people and it was the least stressful interview/recorded thing I have ever done.  It was just like having a nice conversation with two of my brobros; I forgot the mic was there.

I am planning to open up con sketch slots for Emerald City Comicon at the beginning of February.  If you want to make sure that you get one, start thinking now about what you would like!  Be aware–this year I am implementing a couple of changes:
1) My color commissions for the last several years have been in watercolor, but this year I’m moving back to copic markers.  Black-and-white commissions might have some shading with gray copic markers.
2) I’m no longer drawing likenesses (“draw my girlfriend”, “draw my son as Magneto”); I will only draw well-known characters (characters I can Google and find images of for reference).  So, for example, I will happily draw Ron Swanson, but I will not draw you pretending to be Ron Swanson.  I won’t draw your pets.  Does that make sense?  I love you all, but likenesses stress me out and I don’t want to do them this year.
Prices are $50 for black-and-white and $100 for color (and up–it costs more if you want more than 1 character or you have any special requests).  I draw on 300 series Bristol paper, 9″x12″.  I will start accepting requests on February 1st via email (Tally at farbeyond dot com).

I made Ben Dewey’s list of colleagues and rivals. :P Y’all read Tragedy Series, right?  Right, because you know what’s up.

Ben and I were both mentioned on Multiversity’s Creators to Watch for in 2013!  I feel like I have to prove them right.  *Puts on breakout boots*

Between Gears made honorable mention on PW Comics World’s 2012 Graphic Novel Critics’ Poll!

Lastly, have you seen commercials for The Heat?  It looks terrible but I am so in.  Buddy cop films, lady cops, and Melissa McCarthy are three of my favorite things. :P

These times are changing and reshaping into something I can’t face

I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (in 2D, non-iMAX, and I-can’t-remember-how-many-fps)!  Read on for SPOILER-filled reaction comics~
I started twitching in my seat after 2 hours, but the movie held my attention throughout.  I enjoyed revisiting the rich world of The Hobbit, and appreciated the time lavished on the sets and creatures.  The designs were incredible!  The diversity amongst the dwarves’ designs, the shots of The Shire and Rivendell, the gobelins and orcs and trolls and stone giants…amazing!

Okay, I had one big issue and it was with the horrific staging during the chase scene where Radagast leads the Wargs/Orcs away from Team Gandalf.  What the hell was going on in that scene?  Back and forth and back and forth, it felt like Team Gandalf was stuck behind the same rock the whole time, even though it was suggested that they were moving.

*Gollum (thanks, Ann)

Somebody’s broken heart

Yo!  How are you all?  Having a good summer?  I’m taking advantage of Portland’s GORGEOUS but brief summer months over here.  Getting outside, doing some summer reading, eating lots of fresh vegetables…it’s a total treat.  I saw two great movies this week: A Cat in Paris and Safety Not Guaranteed.  Both good but the latter, in particular, I highly recommend.  Don’t read anything about it–just go!

Here’s some recent artwork: 
First off, a Korra fan art collaboration with Grace Allison.  I penciled this, Grace inked it and flatted the digital file, and I finished up the colors.  We’re doing another piece where our roles are the reverse, and I’ll post that as soon as it’s complete.

Next, some Lilo & Stitch / Wall-E fan art for a friend:

And last but not least, I posted a preview of this poster in early 2012, but I don’t think I ever posted the full thing!  This was for a performance of The Thrilling Adventure Hour that included the Hypercattle Overdrive episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  I’ve plugged it here before, but if this is your first time reading about it, let me say that the whole thing is hilarious and awesome and you should start from the beginning if at all possible (all of the episodes are free on iTunes).

Will you be proud of me?

New fan art for Arrietty! This movie is incredible, go watch it.

to buy the original ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

I’m moving past the feeling

Between Gears came out last week!! Release week was tons of fun. Read Christian Lipski’s article on the release party here.

(photo by the Deborah Lipski)

With my Oni and Lerner books done and Between Gears released, it’s time to focus on Over the Surface! I updated that project’s blog yesterday.

Here is a preview of upcoming fan art for Arrietty:

I LOVED that movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it in theaters, then buy every song Cecile Corbel made for the movie. They are GORGEOUS. I have been listening to a mix of them all week as a writing soundtrack. My favorite right now is ‘My First Borrowing’ (Disney seems to be pretty on top of blocking uploads at the moment, or I would link it).

You are so precious to me cute as can be

New fan art for Dumbo. I was in a mood and watched the movie for the first time since childhood. I did NOT remember it being so sad….! Also, it was very strange how much this clip made me want babies.


Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

I’ll be standing in line dressed like a wizard

TSMI: The Rock

Why this movie:
The Rock was on my list of unseen movies suggested by friends. My two younger brothers started watching it and filled me in when I came home 15 minutes later.

What I knew going in:
Alcatraz? Actiony-suspense?

Things that surprised me:

My take-away:
Oh boy. I was on my laptop, casually glancing up now and then, within 10 minutes of joining this movie. It was doomed for failure as soon as I realized 2 of my least favorite actors (Cage, Connery) were main characters, but the film did nothing to redeem itself.

Best part:
Sean Connery’s quarter trick in the interrogation room. “Womack! Why am I not surprised, you piece of shit.” :P

TSMI: Sherlock Holmes


(I was totally there!!! In the second row! 8D)

Why this movie:
I’ve wanted to see this movie since the first trailer. I saw Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, and several crew members speak at Comic-Con 2009 about the film and fully intended to go home and watch it, but somehow never got around to it until now. I enjoy Robert Downey Jr., quirky genius main characters, the 19th century England aesthetic, and all of the action promised by the trailers. We were on a family vacation and democracy chose Sherlock Holmes for the family movie one night.

What I knew going in:
I had seen the trailers, 10 minutes from the film, and a Q+A with the cast/crew. It looked heartily enjoyable; budget, script, cast, and editing all coming together to form what looked like my kind of movie.

Things that surprised me:
How little I know about Sherlock Holmes. I feel like I have read a Sherlock Holmes story, but I can’t remember if that’s even true. I suspect that I saw The Great Mouse Detective many times as a child and later in life convinced myself that I had read some Sherlock Holmes. I felt like a lot of inside jokes were flying over my head.
**EDIT: HOLD UP. I TOTALLY read The Hound of the Baskervilles. Mystery solved!

My take-away:
This movie was a slam-dunk for me. I was fully entertained and satisfied throughout. I am excited about the prospect of a sequel this December. I really liked Rachel McAdams’ character, and am glad to see her name near the top of the new movie’s cast list.

Best part:
Holmes/Watson HOMOSEXCELLENCE. I feel like the actors were well aware of this and had fun with it. Holmosaucesome~!

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