Let’s get out of this town baby we’re on fire

Heh, I’m still getting used to the WordPress interface.  Funny how something little like switching blogging platforms can be so jarring.



I wrapped up It Girl #12 last week!  #11 comes out June 19; be sure to place your orders at your local comic shop.  The feedback for #10 has been really good.  Big thanks to everyone who’s been writing Jamie and me and spreading the word online.

Now I’m back to Over the Surface and an unannounced project.  My collaborators on both projects have put me on something I’m fondly calling my “payment plan”, which is 3 pages/week for each, due to prolonged negligence in favor of lucrative freelance work.  It’s good hard love, and much needed to make these projects happen.  I don’t want to keep relegating them to the back burner, even though commercial work = good.

Portland hosted the 2013 Internation Comic Arts Forum last weekend.  I was able to attend a couple of the talks, learned more about the UO’s comics minor, and got to hear Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá speak about their careers and artistic development.  We’re really spoiled in Portland; I can’t believe how many amazing people have come through town just this spring.

Lastly, the Picture This! show I participated in at Bridgetown Comedy Fest last month was recorded, and I was so happy to see this clip go up online this week.  Check it out!

You’re the one anomaly

I updated my Etsy shop with 3 new original pages from Between Gears. Allow me to plug my minicomics while I’m at it; all of my minicomics are now OUT OF PRINT, meaning that I will not be making any more of them and once these sell out they are GONE.

It is very likely that I will sell out of several titles at conventions this spring. If you want them, I strongly recommend that you buy them from me soon.

To clarify: I do hope to make minicomics again, but I will not reprint any of my existing minicomics. If I make minicomics in the next few years, they’ll be new stories. (If I could pull off a Becky Cloonan-style short story, high-quality production, that would be really rad. That is my dream right now.)

I’m moving past the feeling

Between Gears came out last week!! Release week was tons of fun. Read Christian Lipski’s article on the release party here.

(photo by the Deborah Lipski)

With my Oni and Lerner books done and Between Gears released, it’s time to focus on Over the Surface! I updated that project’s blog yesterday.

Here is a preview of upcoming fan art for Arrietty:

I LOVED that movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it in theaters, then buy every song Cecile Corbel made for the movie. They are GORGEOUS. I have been listening to a mix of them all week as a writing soundtrack. My favorite right now is ‘My First Borrowing’ (Disney seems to be pretty on top of blocking uploads at the moment, or I would link it).

If I knew then what’s so obvious now, you’d still be here

I made a blog where you can read chapters 1 and 2 of Over the Surface online. I have been considering doing this for a while. Although I love making and distributing the minicomics, many people who might enjoy the comic simply would never be exposed to it that way. I want as many people as possible to read the comic, and this will make it much easier to try out the comic, pass it on to friends, etc.

I love you more than words could say

Practiced drawing my Over the Surface characters during my wonderful, lazy Thanksgiving holiday:

Why is it that the season makes me want to quit breathing

Warm-up drawing of Victor from Over the Surface:

It’s not for you to know or for you to even wonder

I’ve been a-hankering to do some Utena fan art. Today was finally the day, as I finished freelance stuff early! :D

Some other chicken-scratch pose ideas:

Hnnn, I can’t wait to get back to Over the Surface…! Chapter 3 has been thumbnailed for almost a month, but I can’t start pencils until Between Gears is done (for my own sanity).

Oh, the things I draw before sleep. So weird.

Tell me would it make you happy baby

Brenda Hickey’s Ava
Originally uploaded by tallychyck

Dude, my friends. They are really the best. Check out these awesome pieces of Over the Surface fan art from Brenda Hickey and Terry Blas!!

Terry Blas’s Ava
Originally uploaded by tallychyck

You think that you should rule the world; I think books are a thrill!

Over the Surface 1 minicomics and the 1+2 bundle are back in stock! :D

This print run of chapter 1 features 4 pieces of beautiful fan art in place of the bonus art in the last print run. Previews!

Nicolas Hitori de

Emi Lenox

Angie Wang

Joëlle Jones

We can do this right here and now

Over the Surface 2 minicomics now available on Etsy!

If you want a bundle deal on OtS 1 +2, wait until later in the week and I should have time to list one. I have tons of chapter 2 minis; I do not foresee them running out before then. :P I only have 4 copies of OtS 1 left, but I am working on a second print run right now. I am aiming to make that next batch available around June 10, and it will include some awesome fan art in place of the bonus art in the first print run of chapter 1.

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