Qué sera sera

My roommate Hannah just bought seasons 1 and 2 of Dead Like Me on DVD and we watched the first episode tonight.  So good!!

I was struck by how much Georgia reminded me of my character Delilah.  It’s a little annoying when you see something similar to a character/story you’ve been planning, but this time it was also fun for me, just seeing a real person play a comparable character and enjoying all of the little details that I felt fit my character, too.

I’m excited to see where the show goes!  Terry has been telling me about it forever.


Messing with your head again

New illustration:

Actually, I drew this in August, but only now finished/colored it.

Yo soy tu amigo fiel

I wish I could have turned around and walked right back into Toy Story 3 today after it ended. I had ridiculously high expectations thanks to Pixar being Pixar and making many of my favorite movies over the last 15 years, but somehow they blew me away and I fell in love with Toy Story 3.

Oh hay, here’s some warm-up arts for you:

Did you want to watch me nerdgasm on the internet? That’s over here.

How great is that new Avatar art book, eh?!

How do you think that I survived the other 25 before you?

Here’s a Delilah I whipped out at sketch group last week:

This is without a doubt the SURLIEST face I have ever drawn. :P Menstrual cramps…?

You know the way it is in life, it’s so hard to live up to

New drawring:

Second Witch of Wilheim Illo by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Walk, walk, fashion baby

Damn! How did I get such awesome friends?! I have gotten so much amazing art as gifts this year, I set up a new Flickr set just for it. Here is the newest stuff:

From Joelle Jones:

SO AMAZING. I love how Joelle can make such expressive characters even with rigid, sharp lines. I feel so special having original Joelle Jones art!!!

From Terry Blas:

I can’t stop looking at this!!! XD Possibly my favorite take on Delilah yet. It makes me want to go back to her story and draw it RIGHT NOW. Doesn’t this make you want to know more about the characters??!

And from Matt Grigsby:

FANTASTIC. Besides being an Avatar nerd, Appa and Aang’s friendship was one of my favorite elements of the show. Matt colors so well, too!! Look at how right that blue shading looks on Appa! I would never try that, but it’s so right.

There’s a sky that’s changing

Finished this piece to blow off steam last night after finishing the acrylic painting commission. I’m really sick for the third day in a row, but at least art is something I can do from home.

Current new laptop dilemma: I can’t find the driver installation CD for my tablet…No digital editing ’til I either dig it up out of nowhere or can convince tech to send me a new one.

Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit, you need a guardian

It’s the end of a very long art day. I drew animals and characters from The Second Witch of Wilheim ALL. DAY. This is just a fraction of what I got done. It was a much-needed productive day:

I’m very happy with this project right now! Wish me more productive days~~~

These were all drawn with my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, recommended by Angie! I LOVE it!

When she was 22 the future looked bright

This is how I feel today. Despite having jury duty this morning at 8:00, blowing out a tire on the way, being there for ten hours, and taking the wrong bus home (I ended up in Tigard. Street cred FAIL), I had lots of time to think, and I set art goals for the school year that I’m really excited about. Goals are just goals unless you work toward them, but it feels good to pick a direction in which to move.

Have some jury duty sketch dump, y’all:

Lilly Allen’s 22 is great, and I like the music video as well.

I don’t have a simple answer

Here’s a test page (read: no rulers) from The Second Witch of Wilheim:

It is a slow, steady march toward inking with a brush comfortably.

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