When I saw you on TV, you were wearing a piece of me

Nico sent me fanart this week! I love his interpretation of Delilah!!!


There’s something in the distance a glorious existance

What else? This is the only thing I draw anymore. xD;

This first one utilized my new ‘Beer Finger Painting Technique’, honed at the Drink n’ Draw at Madison’s Grill last night. I accidentally spilled a drop of beer on Delilah’s jeans, didn’t notice, and smudged the ink all over when I went to wipe off eraser shavings. Someone suggested finishing the jeans with that technique, and what do you know? I kind of like it! xD

I feel like a quote out of context, withholding the rest

More sketches from The Second Witch of Wilheim:

And trying to figure out scale–exactly how big is ‘gigantic’?

I’ve decided that she’s an ex-gymnast.

My my time flies

One last postponement to the Comic-Con post: new art post!

Sketches of Delilah I did on the trip with my new brushpen:
Sadly, the ol’ brushpen was not a good flier. It spewed all of it’s ink on the first drawing (ugh, and dripped, which bled through 2 pages), then promptly ran out of ink. Must go buy a new cartridge today. :-/ Lesson learned.

I wanna publish zines and rage against machines

More sketch-dumpery, y’all:
Another little preview from my Oni Press talent search pages.

Trying to nail down a style for Delilah.

Connor, Delilah, and Baruccus from Second Witch of Wilheim. The brush pen is a dream for sketching Baruccus, who is just a black silhouette. There’s no way to tell what the finished ink will look like when I sketch him with a pencil, but with the brush pen, I can fill in the lines in 10 seconds and see!Sketch shit. The anatomy that St. Tail taught me vs. an actual face, and then more sketches of Connor from SWW.

Just for me, the church bells rang

Here’s a preview of the cover for my senior thesis comic, tentatively titled The Second Witch of Wilheim. If all goes according to plan, this will be a self-contained 100-150 comic to accompany a research paper on comics’ societal influence, and cover my thesis requirement to graduate from the UO honors college (due this coming May). I am very excited about the story and some of the things I’ll get to draw. Action, magic, animals, old houses, and environments, ganbarimasu!
I’ve been using brushes more and more to ink this year, and think I’m finally ready to try a serious, full-length story like SWW with them. It’ll be challenging for sure, but I really like the feel of brush lineart opposed to nibs or pens.
A nice alternative to using a brush is the brush pen, which Emi swears by and encouraged me to try. I finally bought a Pentel brush pen and tested it out by branding a new sketchbook:
I really like it! I want to try drawing more with it. :)

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