Now our time is all our own

I’ve been trying really hard to diversify my faces and draw better men.  I’ve been looking at a lot of resources, ranging from painters like J.C. Leyendecker to modern artists like Phobs and Kreugan, and dozens of other awesome people that Tumblr has pointed me to
I’ve found animation character sheets in particular to be helpful.  They contain lots of different face shapes from every angle, making every expression, in simple line art! 
I’ve gone to cafes and tried cartooning a few people around me while I drink my coffee.  First I draw them fairly realistically, then I work off of my own drawing to push their features further and further and imagine how they would look making different expressions and from different angles.
I was in a slump on Monday, so I tried that Kreugan tutorial linked above and traced photos of male faces in Photoshop (pulled from Facebook to get some real faces and diversity, haha….not sharing!).  Then I made the background layer invisible and studied my own  line art, looking for the distinguishing features and proportions between different people’s faces.  From there I tried cartooning them by hand in a sketchbook to see if I could retain what made them look like them.  It really helped me to pick up little details I can employ, like that ‘v’ or ‘u’ shape some people have in the center of their upper lip.
I put my sketchbook and my favorite tools next to my bed and I’ve filled a page every night before bed for a couple of weeks.  Here are some colored pieces:


I’ll keep working on it.

Take the heartland

Life drawing sketches from tonight (NSFW):

Defeat? I don’t think so!

Art dump! It was a great week for TV/film. The Hunger Games and the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra ROCKED. I’ve watched those Korra episodes 3x each and I can’t wait to watch The Hunger Games again! xD

So yeah, fan art for them because LOVE:

to buy the original ($100 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

to buy the original ($50 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

Here’s a doodle I drew for a thank you:

And if you want even more art, I updated the Over the Surface project blog today!

Pulled under by an avalanche of lies

I’m trying out a tiny new notebook. It’s fine and good to say you’ll take your sketchbook wherever you go, but have you seen what fits in a lady’s pockets? Not much. Tiny Notebook is my latest attempt to always have SOMETHING on me to doodle in:

He was looking at the giant ad for the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum’s water park that is currently looming over West Burnside. I went last summer with a few friends and holy crap it was so much fun. We went a little bit ironically, but we left as earnest fans and we can’t wait to go back.

He rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars

My studiomate Dustin Weaver introduced me to The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast last week. It is “a staged production in the style of old-time radio” and it is absolutely hilarious. There are a lot of great segments on the show, but Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars is by far my favorite. I overcame my podcast ineptitude to download and listen to everything currently available. Naturally, here is some fan art:

There are several hours’ worth of material available on iTunes. Go! Listen! And people have made some pretty awesome art for the show that you should check out.

You’ve just gotta do it your way

We tried something new at life drawing last night: rather than pay a nude model, we asked attendees to bring any props or interesting outfits they had and model for the group if they were willing to. It was free, it was great drapery practice, and it got really fun when we brought out the handguns.

At the time, I really hated my brushpen sketches, but in hindsight they are my favorites. I need to not even bring a pencil next time and force myself to focus on light without worrying about proportions.

I’m stepping out

Doodles from this month’s life drawing session (NSFW!!!!):

Now I see the world as an ancient place as a smiling face

Try not to panic

It’s been an unusually long absence for me here–3 weeks! I have been guh-rinding on my can’t-show-you projects, with the exception of yesterday when I took the whole day off, got a massage, walked around in the sun, and went to dinner. The graphic novels are coming along (I’m nearly at the halfway point with them both), and the children’s books are in their final edits. Soon, soon there will be things to show!

Oh! And Eric Stephenson mentioned this in an interview last week: Between Gears will be published by Image in early 2012!!!! So there’s been some necessary prep for that, even though the comic is done, to design the book and extras and such.

For now, please accept these early pencils for two side projects:

It’s Monsters & Dames submission time again! I’ll post all of the process sketches for this eventually; it went through a lot of different versions before I drew this. I still want to change several things…

Pencils for Women of Wonder Day, previously Wonder Woman Day. You can draw any empowering female character this year, but someone’s gotta represent WW ;) As always, I encourage all artists to submit artwork for this! It will be accepted, it will get exposure, and it will raise money for an awesome cause.

I do declare I’m in a state

Periscope went to the zoo today to draw the animals from life!

I like drawing adults holding children to practice weight.

The top right drawing is an example of what happens when someone knows I’m drawing them. My high school art teacher taught me that once someone makes eye contact with you 3 times, it’s time to drop it and move on.

The polar bear was probably my favorite animal to draw today. That arched nose and the multiple head bumps are really interesting, and the way their massive weight shifts when they walk, swim, and stand up is really striking. I can’t believe how long their necks appear when they stretch their heads up!

That’s ‘knows’. (-__-)

Colobus monkeys are awesomely fun to draw. I can draw nothing if I can’t draw long, trailing hair.

Here is where my blood sugar dipped dangerously low.


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