My body’s a temple but nothing is simple

I have NOT been having migraines, knock on wood, but I was thinking about this:

Life is very stressful right now. I am doing my best and failing.

There are moments in the night

Vacation comics!

I’m falling upstairs to meet you

More life drawing sketches! Heed me: this is NSFW.

I am SO GLAD we are organizing monthly life drawing sessions. I have a woman’s body, right? But drawing a woman’s body last night made me realize several things that are going to help me draw women more accurately from now on. I have realizations like that every time I draw people from life.
If you are an artist, but you can’t take a figure drawing class for whatever reason, search around your city for drop-in sessions you can join. In Portland we have Hipbone, The Canvas, and countless bars and cafes that do regular life drawing nights.


Right around here, Ben Dewey recommended I focus on contour shading with my extra time. I said “Yes, Sensei,” and broke out some blue lead so I could get my messy sketch of the model down first, then go in with pencil for neat lines and add shadow onto a cleaner drawing:

Momentum, for the sake of momentum

I went to a life drawing session tonight! It’s so good for me–I’m going to try and go monthly. Eventually, I will be able to draw men!
Check out Joëlle Jones’ sketches from the same session! Dzamn!

^The upper right sketch is my favorite :)

So far she hasn’t run, though I swear she’s had her moments

Karate Comics, for funsies:

She loved that man who died here yesterday

Sketch dump!

The man in black from LOST. I love this actor’s face.

I loved Tangled and the character Rapunzel, but her design kind of terrifies me in some shots. It’s like, her eyes are so big I feel claustrophobic when there’s a close-up.

I really want to do a pin-up along these lines of Buffy with the BAMF axe. The truth is, Jo Chen already nailed it (below), but it’s too fun to not attempt myself.


Random OCs.

I like this silhouette for spring–blouse tucked into floofy skirt.

Pushing atoms around

Sketch time with Whiskers, the family’s 17-year-old cat:

Don’t let me down

Fun times on family vacation: cute cousins galore!

Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand

Reese Witherspoon sketches:

She has a difficult face to draw ;__;

I love you more than words could say

Practiced drawing my Over the Surface characters during my wonderful, lazy Thanksgiving holiday:

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