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So, how much did I love Wonder Woman Day?

It was AWESOME, and I didn’t even walk around or bid on things! Some quality people at that event. Quality conversations were had. Kudos to all involved for putting on a great day of fun and awareness. Early estimates put $ raised in Portland at $22,000!!!!!

Some nice people let me photograph them with things that I drew:

(Thanks to Justin Zimmerman for scanning this!)

My Eve for this Eve-themed sketchbook turned out pretty evil-looking! Like she knew exactly what she was doing. :P

There was a team at Excalibur filming for this documentary. Jen Stuller won one of my art pieces in the auction, and I got to meet her and hear about the project. Very cool; I want to see the finished film!!

I also got to catch up with a comic-nerd-comrade from UO and do a sound bite for the new website NerdStock Comics!

And sidebar — Oh em gee, this is fantastic:

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  • Natalie -

    It was lovely to meet you. Your wonderful piece is already up in my office!


    October 25, 2010

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