Clam Chowder Face

I’ve been working all weekend on a story I want to use for my senior thesis next year. If I start work on it in autumn, I’ll have 9 months to draw it, so I’m aiming at a medium-long size comic (around 120 black and white pages). I swing from being very excited to being very critical. This morning I had a crisis when I realized that a large part of one character’s back story was pretty much the Naraku/Inu Yasha/Kikyo plot from Inu Yasha. *headdesk* The spice must flow!

The story is set in New England, and in my search for reference, I found the blog of Jeff and Louise, a retired couple cycling around the world and posting gorgeous photos for homebodies like me. :) I’m really shocked and impressed with all of the places they have gone and how far they’ve traveled on a tandem bike! Who knew two people could see so much of the world in such a short time? I know what my dream retirement is…

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