Comic-Con 2009: General

Okay. Comic-Con recap time. I have divided the novel I could write on Comic-Con into several posts to make it easier for readers to find the parts they want to read:

WB, Disney, Pixar, and Miyazaki

In general, it was an awesome trip and an awesome con. I loved San Diego (it was my first time in the city), the weather was balmy and pleasant, if humid, we had good food and I felt safe walking around the city, even alone and at night (haha, the things you don’t tell your parents…). I could definitely see going to San Diego just for a fun trip, and it seems like a livable city from what I saw.

The con itself was great as well. It was very crowded, and there was a lot more time spent waiting in lines than I’d anticipated (great quote I heard: “What is this line for?” “Something that nerds want.”). You couldn’t go to everything you wanted–you just had to pick a couple of things per day and accept that it would take time waiting in line to even get into them. The floor got pretty bad on Friday, but Saturday was not as awful as I’d been warned it would be. There were tons of great exhibitors, from comic publishers to movie studios to individual artists to the voice of Dr. Tran (trip highlight!). :P I know I missed more than half of what I could have seen at the con, but I am so pleased by what I did see, I am alright with that.

I am already excited for next year! Though I’m told there is a diminishing return to going to SDCC, I am still in the honeymoon phase with it.

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