Cut my hair, grew it long, played my song, and I watched the sun

Did I say that my Rosemary & Co. brushes came? They came! They are gorgeous and finely crafted gifts from the old country! I have attempted to ink with them, but the pictures kind of suck so far, so I am not in a hurry to go scan them.

I got a $40 American Apparel gift card a couple of months ago, but I didn’t spend it until yesterday. I went into their store on 3 separate occasions, intending to spend the card, and walked out thinking, “I…just hate their clothes! I can’t spend money here!” Even when it wasn’t my money, I couldn’t bear the thought of paying $20 for a $4 T-shirt. In the end, though, that’s what I did, twice over. It was the only cut in the store that didn’t cling or hang in an unflattering shape. I have to admit, they are very comfy shirts. I think American Apparel is just a very expensive basics store, and in order to build a decent wardrobe you need to infuse their overpriced t-shirts with personality from many other stores. Yes, supporting the American economy! No, trying to make plain cotton cool.

I think that everyone is slightly OCD about something. I have a friend who only gets out of bed when her clock reads a time ending in a ’0′ or ’5′. For me, it’s stepping on the last stair of a flight with my right foot, stemming from a game where I tried to give my right foot more points than my left foot (lmao). I try to count stairs as I go down flights and figure out if I’m on track for my right foot to hit the last one, or if I should double-step to get ready. It’s gotten better as I get older, but it was so bad at one point that I had to go back to the top of the stairs and try again if I messed up! I think we cling to little oddities like that, though, because they’re nostalgic and because the weirder they are, the more we can be sure they’re unique to us.

Feet are really hard to draw. D:

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