WonderCon – Anaheim, CA, April 10-12, 2020 – I am a Special Guest at this convention. More details coming soon!

If there is a convention you’d like to see me at, or a shop you’d like me to sign at, I’d be thrilled if you contacted them and asked them to invite me!  I have a day job and it can be hard for me to get away, but I enjoy attending events when I can. For all events outside of Los Angeles, I ask that travel costs be covered.

If you are an educator, librarian, school club, or any other organization and you would like me to come and speak to a group of people, please send me an email letting me know the dates, how long the speaking engagement/s are, who the audience will be, and any topics you want me to cover so that I can prepare a relevant, engaging talk for you. My speaking fee is $2000 plus travel costs.

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