Give me some rope tie me to the dream

Check out my fan art on Briar Hollow this week!

Dude, best commission ever: Catbus + koala + panda for David Harper. So ridiculously much fun.

as;dlkfjalskdmf;laskdfj I have so much love for Fringe.
My latest obsession is this full-length, piano version of the theme song:

If I find sheet music I like, I’d love to try learning this song on my keyboard! I also reeeeeeally want to do fan art, but that is just something that will have to wait. ;__; It will be so sweet when I finally find the time.


  • zomg that catbus is awesome!!! I need to watch that movie again, like soon. So, did you computer-colour it in order to have a guideline for the final colouring you did?

    December 14, 2010
  • Thank you! Yes, I colored it digitally first so that I could change things around until it looked right. Watercolors can be unforgiving in that there isn’t much you can do to alter color you have laid down.

    December 14, 2010

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