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7 new Between Gears pages in the last week!

I’m going back and finishing November and December, so check the site often, because I will place pages in their proper order in the archives after they have been up for a week, and then they will be hard to find.

Obviously I have more time to work on BG now that the thesis and Over the Surface are over, but another great breakthrough that has allowed me to update more often is that I am penciling with blue lead now instead of graphite. With non-photo blue pencils, I can ink over them and NOT erase! It’s wonderful. I used to have to ink my pages again after erasing pencils, because the eraser would fade the ink pretty badly, but no more! Pages take a lot less time to make, which means more pages, faster! (^^)b

Last week, I counted all of the pages I need to make for BG and all of the pages that I have made so far. I am at just about 1/3 of the pages done, which is actually a lot better than I thought! I am starting a big project in August, and I would really, REALLY like to finish BG before I start that. I want to have a complete narrative of my senior year from September – June, and I think that the next couple months are the best window I will have to finish it for quite a while.

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