I heard, I heard, what you gonna do?

God, I love Parks and Rec. I rewatched one of my favorite exchanges today, a deleted scene from the episode ‘Kaboom’:

Marlene: “You cut through the red tape? Honey, don’t you know why red tape was invented? To cover your ass. Red tape is our pants.”
Leslie: “Mom, I went rogue. I went cowboy. Now I have to find a way to go reverse-cowboy.”
Marlene: “Leslie, please. You don’t even know what that means. What are you trying to say?”

Leslie: “I built a playground in a day. A day. It was like your stories of cocaine.”
Marlene: “Leslie, those were different times. Everyone in government was doing cocaine. It was like Snapple.”

Today I find myself strangely free of artistic duties, so I think I will draw me some Between Gears. :)

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