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I went to see Prometheus last night.  Short review: I really enjoyed it and would watch it again.  Read on for some spoilerific comics that happened between 1 and 2 AM:

I will go see Spider-Man.  I smirked because I enjoy people back-talking commercials.

A race of muscle-y, alabaster Voldemorts.  Like in the Bible.

Also you are the most interesting character and I adore you.

He seriously said that.

I LOVED the gender/sex subtext in the movie, even though there was some seriously disturbing stuff (not too much worse than the other movies).  Essentially Prometheus was about creation and the conflict between parents and children.  Some really, really interesting things happened between characters.  I want to watch it again and just focus on that.

Okay, so you’re not Ripley, but that was pretty cool how you were a total badass in the third act.  I so called that self-abortion in the special medical machine.  And even though it was one of the tensest scenes in the movie, I was cracking up at her having to program it for a male operation.  NICE, Prometheus.

“I want to see the baby.”  “Don’t worry about it.”  “WHY ARE YOU SLYLY PUSHING THE MONITOR AWAY?”  “Don’t worry about it. :D

And little glowy mochi-ball eggs!

FAVORITE RECURRING JOKE.  Sassy robot strikes again!

Screaming only makes the ship want to squash you faster!!


  • Ralf Haring

    2nd to last panel? Totally.

    June 09, 2012
  • Everything you drew about is exactly why I didn’t like the movie (yup, I know you summarized almost the entire movie). Oh well, to each their own.

    June 09, 2012
  • funny, funny, accurate review. too bad the movie was horrible.

    June 09, 2012
  • This perfectly captures all the problems I had with this movie and the fact that I still somehow loved it despite all the plot holes and silliness.

    June 09, 2012
  • Anonymous

    Loved the movie and, as in the case of DiCaprio’s “Inception”, which totally ‘flummoxed’ some in the audience as “Prometheus” obviously did, I’m going back in another time or two to examine the themes/scenes. Ridley Scott keeps the audience guessing: you want screaming in space, ‘meet the chest monster’. You want a sequel after 30 years, ‘meet your makers’. Ridley, you are too much, man! Can’t wait to see what he does to the BladeRunner sequel or prequel. I wanted to ”pause’ a lot of the scenes but that will have to wait until the DVD arrives in December, just in time for Christmas: neat plan Ridley. Thanks for this page and your picture analysis, it rocks.

    June 09, 2012
  • Anonymous

    People who didn’t like it: seriously? It. Was. Amazing.

    June 09, 2012
  • Anonymous

    I’m reading all these reviews about how people hated it and how it didn’t fit in with the Alien movie franchise.
    I haven’t seen a single one of the Alien movies, and the only reason I recognized the Xenomorph at the end is because I saw it in the cover of Alien vs Predator years ago.
    I liked the movie, if you don’t look at the differences between it and Alien it’s really good! I’d also watch it again.

    June 10, 2012
  • Anonymous


    And yes, just like being “impregnated” by an alien face-penis, pregnancy is a difficult biological process frought with danger and even a risk of death. When Shaw screamed “GET IT OUT OF ME!” and then took the intitiative to do it herself when no one else would raise a hand? I was fist-pumping in the theatre. It was her body and her LIFE at stake.

    June 10, 2012
  • That was hilarious! And exactly my reaction to everything!! You just got your stomach staple! Why the fck are you running? And bending over? And the run sideways!! Geez, run sideways aim for the middle!! I haven’t seen Alien at all and I enjoyed it heaps. Just a bit annoyed cause I didn’t see it in 3D which would’ve made all the pretty holographic stuff even prettier. All the guys I went to see it with loved it. So very mixed response audience wise.

    June 11, 2012
  • It wasnt an abortion, but a cesarean. She couldnt kill her monster child because she was obsessed with her own failure as a human. Same reason why she wanted to know what was so wrong with humans that they deserved to be destroyed by their parents. Her religion be damned.

    David was the most interesting character because he wanted to be free and have the right to personhood. The way he was so bitchy with the humans was awesome. His need to exist will be a very interesting counter to Shaw’s need to create in the sequel.

    June 11, 2012
  • Ha! This may be one of the best movie reviews I’ve ever read. EVER. Now I want to see the movie all over again!

    June 11, 2012
  • Anonymous

    Mother of GOD this just became the most amazing thing EVER. The “I would watch this sequel” panel. I dont. DAVID HAS BECOME A PARIS HILTON HANGBAG ACCESSORY.

    June 11, 2012
  • eeee! these made me so happy! after reading all the bashing i feel much better to see someone else who enjoyed it. and via such cute art! :) do you do many reviews like this? hehe.

    June 13, 2012
  • Thank you, everyone!

    Re captainsharmie:

    I’m planning to do a similar kind of review for Brave, and probably The Dark Knight Rises.

    June 13, 2012
  • Sean O'

    i loved prometheus! i also love your reveiw :) . to all who hate the movie, im not surprised its not for everyone. if it makes you feel ant better the screenwriter who went to the highschool i go to (a looooong time ago), also wrote about 150 episodes of the show lost. which was also very convoluted.

    June 13, 2012
  • This was great. The flute panel is the best.

    I also called the Scott Pilgrim parallel and didn’t Captain Idris Elba says he got the accordian from Stephen Stills? It sounded like it anyway.

    June 15, 2012
  • Liz

    i know a lot of people thought it was a horrible movie but i personally loved it :3

    June 21, 2012

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