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Testing out my dad’s monitor hooked up to my laptop–it’s such a difference! I can see the entire width of a comic page as I tone it at 100% view. I have a 17″ screen on my laptop, so it’s not tiny tiny, but it sure is nice to have a full-sized monitor.

Still toning the Oni Press talent search pages. It’s getting down to brass tacks before Comic-Con. My goal was to print everything for my portfolio yesterday (ha. ha.), so there will be many, many hours of art today and tomorrow to try and print everything before the end of Monday. I don’t have a single finished page of The Second Witch of Wilheim, which I was hoping to pitch at the con…just the script and thumbnails. Le sigh. No matter how diligent I am, there are always 5 projects waiting for their chance to be drawn. It’s a real bummer I didn’t make time for this one, though. I can’t blame anyone but myself. I went camping, went to parties and birthdays and movies, and watched TV when I could have drawn. I value the time I spend with my friends and family more than usual now, since it’s my last summer at home, and the last summer that many of my friends will ever live in Portland.
Hopefully there will be places I can send my unsolicited submission in September, but it would really have been nice to shop it around at Comic-Con, in person, when some publishers are more open to new creators.


  • Do you have at least character sketches to go with that pitch? Because I think if you have thumbnails, you could couple those with the concepts and design and the new samples of work you have done and use that as an example of your current skill level.

    Keep in mind that at this show, you’re mainly going to be showing your work, story pitches are a little too time intensive. If you can get an editor to talk to you about your work in general, you can sneak in this idea and tell them that you could have a full pitch package on their desk by the end of August.

    July 19, 2009
  • Really? Okay, that’s relieving. Hopefully I can open the door for places to send the full pitch after the con. What would I do without you? You actually know these things :P

    July 19, 2009

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