No way this year anyone’s gonna die and it’s gonna be totally awesome!

EDIT: I forgot that the year of the rabbit is coming, too! 8D It’s my Chinese Zodiac sign and I am very excited. (/NERRRRRD)

2010 was a GREAT year. I wrapped up school, survived the thesis process, dated a wonderful man, road tripped with my mom, went to 4 fun and productive comic conventions, went to the east coast for the first time, worked at the Oregon Zoo (which I’ve wanted to do since grade school!), was approved by JET (a goal I’ve had since age 14), moved out of my parents’ house, moved into downtown Portland with friends, signed my first contract for a graphic novel, and started life as an independent freelancer. 2011, that may look like a lot to live up to, but I am excited for whatever you have in store! I think there are some great things ahead.

In the interest of closure, let’s look back at my 2010 goals:

1) Make a GREAT thesis
Check! Passed with the HC’s highest distinction

2) Graduate

3) Have fun and sell stuff at ECCC and Stumptown
Checkity check!

4) Finish Between Gears

5) Start my next big comic

6) Get a JOB!

7) Move out of my parents’ house

8) Move into a super awesome bachelorette pad

9) Maintain my friendships
I think so!

10) Boyfriend???
Yes and then no

….And set some 2011 goals:

1) Stay financially independent (learn how to do taxes, secure enough freelance work to pay for my lifestyle, get a day job if I have to, but try not to!)

2) Stay ahead of my deadlines on my big projects

3) Have great shows at ECCC and Stumptown; save enough money to do a third show next year (and I’m gonna TRYYYYY to save enough to go to SPX in September so I can visit my friend Mary in DC…!)

4) Study French with Mom (this is a long-term goal…we want to go to Angoulême in 2013 and speak French when we do!)
There’s definitely a theme of 勉強し直そう in 2011 for me. I’m returning to French and karate–things that I studied in the past but didn’t see through properly in my eyes. I want to go back and relearn them right this time. It reminds me of that verse from 明日があるさ…

5) Stay healthy (exercise regularly, sleep and eat well, regular check-ups, and stick to karate class!)

6) Pitch *** and *** (and hooooopefully get one approved!)

7) Finish Between Gears, 1-2 more chapters of Over the Surface

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