Nothing’s ever built to last

Still no new art, sorry! It’s coming but I’m under pressure to finish the room first. x__x Oh living with your parents.

Today is books. I have every book I own stacked into one of the following piles:
-Art instruction
-Western comics
-Bibles (Oh yes. It’s a pile.)

I have two copies of Great Expectations. I know I should give one to Goodwill, but I like both copies for different reasons. Hopeless!

I made great progress on another domestic project: hanging artwork! I’m horrible at decorating my walls–they’re almost always bare or have mismatched, riffraffy photos and clippings–but today, I mounted posters, cards, artwork, and photos onto matching mats and super-glued sawtooth hangers onto each of their backs. They should be dry by tomorrow, and I can hammer nails and hang them up! It will look oh so nice, and they will be easy to take down, rearrange, and move to school in the fall :)

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