Oh herro

Iiiiiii’m back! :D I had a great weekend at home, and I actually, finally got to draw a 24-hour comic about my Saturday, which you will be able to read soon. :) It’s low-effort, but should get a couple lols.

My purpose of going home was to get a couple of check-ups from doctors, and that went well. I’ll get the results from an extensive blood test tomorrow, which I’m curious to hear back on. Hopefully there’s nothing bad in me blood!! I don’t wanna die. x__x
One surprise–the doctor I saw this morning suggested an eye-exam, linking my migraines with the wrong prescription (not to mention hardly wearing my glasses OTL;). So…yeah. Maybe some new glasses in my future…?
I’ve also been sick more often than is normal this year and last, and I would be thrilled if there’s something I can learn to make me healthier more often.

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