Oh Nine!

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were awesome and you got to spend them with friends. My winter break has been very mellow; the snow before Christmas pretty much threw a wrench in all of my plans, but playing in the snow with friends and lazing around at home with family was actually a nice break after the stress of fall term. I went to Sunriver with the family for a few days after Christmas, had the perfect ski day on Mt. Bachelor, and enjoyed my first drink in an American bar with my mom. Kind of sweet and pathetic at the same time, right? :P The snow melted enough by the time I was back in Portland that I could see my out-of-neighborhood friends on New Year’s, which was nice. A friend of a friend was house-sitting for an opera singer, who had the craziest mansion in the hills. It was like she tried to pack as many priceless articles as possible onto all surface areas of the house. It was a miracle that nothing irreplaceable broke.

So yes! Welcome to the year of Obama! :) I must say, the election night was probably the highlight of 2008 for me. My friend Mary has told me to watch Obama since probably 2004?, and it was very dramatic and exciting watching his journey through the election. I found some pics from his rally at the UO, which is a fond memory of mine from last spring.

Our signature team signal works eerily well.

Even Jesus Man is voting Obama :D

Yeah boy!! Ahh, good times. 19 days!!

In other news, this. I don’t even know. Japan is my anti-drug.

And one more thing: this set of recorded songs. They’re not exactly mine to share, so I hope my friend Ted won’t mind, but they were too great to not pass on. So talented, right?! It makes me feel guilty…I have a veritable family band between my brothers Neil (drums), Nick (guitar), and myself (piano/voice), but I have a feeling we’re just not cut out for recording. :P

I do have art for you, but I’m have to go get it from upstairs before I can scan…*lazy*…check back later!

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