On the night you left I came over

Applications for the 2010 JET fleet went up today. So weird…there’s a good chance I could be in Japan this time next year. Pivotal decision, this. I had a strange vision: being at Comic-Con next summer from July 22nd – 25th, and moving to Japan on the 31st. How would all of my art projects work over there…? It would probably be hard to do anything commercial from out of the country, even with the available technology…it might just be an inspiration, learning, and journal-keeping year. :-/

I took a ‘visual journaling’ class this weekend, which turned out to be a bookmaking class with some medium experimentation in the last 2 hours. It was interesting, but bookmaking just is not my forte…I mean, I fully enjoy it, but I am aware of my strengths, and precision and nit-picking are not among them. My books always turn out loose and uneven, with glue spots. Heinous! I’m better-suited for gestural, messy art. I just can’t make myself care enough to measure the loose ends of thread or re-tear a page because it dipped half an inch into my live area.

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