Saddle Stitchin’

I got a new toy from the Bookstore today~~~!

It’s my handy-dandy Bostitch Booklet Stapler!! 8D

It aligns folded papers and staples them right on the crease!!!

Insta-saddle-stitch!!!! I love this thing waaaay more than anyone should love a stapler. Petname forthcoming.

This week, I am:

  • surviving midterms: round 2
  • hosting my mom for the weekend
  • going to Portland for another doctor’s appointment (it’s just a little nothing)
  • printing and assembling minicomics
  • ordering prints
  • working on A Room of One’s Own
  • deciding how to set up my table at Stumptown. I want to do those little cut-out characters that you can place on your table and stuff…I’m thinking Moots scaling the front of the booth would be funny.

Oh yes, and the A Room of One’s Own cover is coming along:


  • The cover looks amazing! Your art keeps getting better and better.

    February 20, 2009
  • Oh, thank you!! But, actually, the cover is just a photograph! @___@; *shame*

    February 23, 2009

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