Sing P-O-N-Y-O!

UGH. SO BAD. I was listening to the English version of Ponyo’s theme song IRONICALLY and Disney’s voodoo magic made me actually LIKE IT.

Wonder Woman Day 4
by ~Tallychyck on deviantART
Here be the finished piece! (A photo, sorry for the quality!!) Please support Wonder Woman Day (on October 25) this year by submitting art, bidding on art, attending the event, or just picking up Wonder Woman and giving her story a try!

To get the galaxy without using whiteout, I tried some ‘drawing gum’, which I assume is just masking fluid in disguise -3- I tested effects like masking out on scrap from the same watercolor paper to make sure they worked:

Success! On to masking everything!!!

Ahhh, it is a glamorous life, this.

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