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Hey all! It’s been a while, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Winter term – Finished finals last week and earned high percentages, but low grades in my classes due to “grade deflation” in the business school (I took all 4 courses from my business requirements, instead of mixing it up with Japanese and honors college classes as per usual). It was a good term overall, but it’s frustrating to work harder than usual and earn worse grades. Truth is I’m just not that into business! (Surprise, right? :P ) But on I go…

Spring break – Took a great vacation with my family to Wailea, a city on the south coast of Maui. It was absolutely gorgeous–warm, sunny, and green, with tropical animals and white sand beaches. We won’t be going back for a long time, if at all, so I really took advantage of this trip and snorkeled, boogie-boarded, whale watched, etc. Possibly the funnest thing I did was zipline down a ravine on one of Maui’s mountains! I’ll upload the video when I can. :)

A Room of One’s Own – I’ve made a lot of progress since my last update, bringing us to: 3 pages left to ink, 9 to tone. A final edit and it should be ready for print! I plan to send in a copy for consideration to the Stumptown Trophy Awards, so the race is on to finish by Thursday and send it in. It will of course be available on Etsy when I have time to post an item description, photos, etc. Above is a preview of another AROO page — my personal favorite! Poof tree is silly, but I’m leaning toward keeping it…@_@

Now I’m packed and waiting to go back to Eugene for yet another 11 weeks of school and social fun. I’ll be living in an apartment for the first time, with 2 AWESOME girl friends, Heather and Emily, and enjoying sorority life as a “live out”. :) I already miss my friends…and that beautiful grand piano… ;___; …but I will visit!

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