You’re the one anomaly

I updated my Etsy shop with 3 new original pages from Between Gears. Allow me to plug my minicomics while I’m at it; all of my minicomics are now OUT OF PRINT, meaning that I will not be making any more of them and once these sell out they are GONE.

It is very likely that I will sell out of several titles at conventions this spring. If you want them, I strongly recommend that you buy them from me soon.

To clarify: I do hope to make minicomics again, but I will not reprint any of my existing minicomics. If I make minicomics in the next few years, they’ll be new stories. (If I could pull off a Becky Cloonan-style short story, high-quality production, that would be really rad. That is my dream right now.)

Blog Every Day April: 2

It’s after midnight, so I’m counting it. I’m still awake, toning 2 of the last 5 pages of A Room of One’s Own. The other 3 aren’t completely inked; I have daunting library and house interior panels I keep putting off. Someday, someday, I will have drawn so many libraries and house interiors that I will simply decide on a basic layout, glance at my reference, and draw.

I am taking a fencing class this term, and that has thus far proved to be my most interesting course. I took fencing 1 as a freshman, and after a year and a half, you lose a few things! Muscle memory…terminology…QUAD STRENGTH. Sweet Jesus, stop my legs from hurting! Going down stairs should not hurt!! OTL;
I’m a quick learner, and I’ve taken karate and kickboxing before, so fencing 1 was pretty easy for me. I could beat most anyone in the class in sparring. Now, it’s a class full of people at my level, and most are fresh out of another fencing class! I got my ass handed to me today in all 3 matches. :P It’s a good situation, though: motivation to improve! I love martial arts.

Saddle Stitchin’

I got a new toy from the Bookstore today~~~!

It’s my handy-dandy Bostitch Booklet Stapler!! 8D

It aligns folded papers and staples them right on the crease!!!

Insta-saddle-stitch!!!! I love this thing waaaay more than anyone should love a stapler. Petname forthcoming.

This week, I am:

  • surviving midterms: round 2
  • hosting my mom for the weekend
  • going to Portland for another doctor’s appointment (it’s just a little nothing)
  • printing and assembling minicomics
  • ordering prints
  • working on A Room of One’s Own
  • deciding how to set up my table at Stumptown. I want to do those little cut-out characters that you can place on your table and stuff…I’m thinking Moots scaling the front of the booth would be funny.

Oh yes, and the A Room of One’s Own cover is coming along:

They flash upon that inward eye

(I memorized I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud for a school assignment in 4th grade, and can still recite it. Such a beautiful poem! I love that image of remembering something that made an impression on you days or weeks after the fact.)

The University of Oregon is gorgeous in the spring. It’s always fun to watch Eugene go from barren to green in just 10 days (usually around mid-March). Our campus has a lot of deciduous trees, and though it’s bleak in the winter, there’s this magical, sudden change every year when the leaves come back. I saw cherry blossoms today, and daffodil shoots! It was a shock to see the first signs of spring so soon, but I’m not complaining! I’ve been suspicious for a while that I’m slightly S.A.D., because my mood changes for the first part of each new season. The next one is a happy change, though, so again, not complaining. :)

I HAVE been drawing, I promise. I just don’t own a scanner, so I have to wait for a day when I can drag all of my sketches/work to the library, wait for the nice scanner/computer workstation to clear (it’s almost always someone checking Facebook for an hour! AAAAH!), and scan it all at once. There are plenty of new sketches on the way, and A Room of One’s Own pages, once I have an inking session. Hang in there!

It feels good to have Out of Place chapter 6 done. Weekly webcomic pages only work when the pages stand alone…otherwise, your art changes so much from week to week, the flow of the chapters themselves get reeeally choppy. Sitting down and doing a scene at a time is the only way to go! I’m printing out chapter 6 today to have in a binder at Stumptown. I haven’t decided how much art I want to have on the table…I have this fear of sitting there with 2 notebooks and a minicomic in front of me and looking like an idiot, but I don’t want stacks of mediocre art in front of me, either. :P
Btw, the list of exibitors is up on Stumptown’s website.

Let’s call this ‘version 1.0′…

A Room of One’s Own was due earlier today! I have a rough, rough version up on Smackjeeves, mostly thumbnails, with a handful of finished pages sprinkled in (and even those were poorly scanned/edited, since the scanner at my house is several inches too small, and I’ll have to redo everything digital when I get decent scans back at school). The pages have been going well–I’ve inked up to 5 pages in a day, and they’ve been fun to do–but I feel lame about how badly I missed the mark on the deadline. OTL

I’ll replace the thumbnails with inked pages as I finish them, and the final version will come in January, when I have access to the big scanners at school and can edit the pages decently. And, of course, I will link it then as well!

AROO_11 preview

AROO_11 preview
Originally uploaded by tallychyck

Page 11, the first page that’s “done”, meaning readable and therefore ready to be turned in. 31 more by next Friday!!!!

Today is Russian Revolution paper day. Joy! But when that is done, the hard part of my term is over. Goal is to do 75% of it today, 25% tomorrow. Ganbarimasu~!!! *A* Rock concert at the hippie commune tonight, so I have to work hard to earn a night off!

Fall’s Finish Line

Fall term is almost over. I have a group presentation Thursday night, 2 finals on Monday, and 3 final projects that can be turned in electronically, so I think I’ll go home on Monday. :D That’s 4 days more winter break for me!

My 21st birthday is on December 22nd, and I cannot WAIT. I get to celebrate in Portland with friends from home and college, and it should be really fun! Just to be able to go to frickin’ concerts in 21 and over venues, order a drink with dinner, etc. Sigh. Cannot wait.

The comic for the class on Virginia Woolf is going well. All of the final paper is ready and the panels are drawn, and 6 of 32 pages are already mostly done with ink. It’s also a lot easier than past projects–I’m more comfortable with the materials and tools than ever, and that feels good. I have a new drafting table waiting at home (thank you David Hahn!), so I hope to draw a lot of it there when I get back. I just got the table cleared at my sorority, too, so I can move it back to school with me when winter term starts up! xD Healthy back GET!

I reinstalled NetObjects Fusion and Paint Shop Pro, so I can edit images and my website again. I’ll try to color something to post this weekend.

Do Not Want for Christmas…

Want for Christmas!

Video Blog…1? …Possibly the only one???

So yes. What she said. OTL;;

I made a lot of progress on the project yesterday; thumbnails are almost done!!! Paper is cut and ruled, and 50% of the borders are drawn. Next, I’ll ink speech balloons, look up reference photos for buildings and such, and then it’s time to pencil! It will be a productive Thanksgiving break. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who observe it! :D Have a great long weekend in any case!

Back to a normal level of dysfunction

Hmmm…well, the laptop is “fixed”, but there are still a lot of strange problems. It turns on now, which is good, the CPU usage is down to normal, and Antivirus is gone…but there are a lot of files deleted or in the wrong place. Even though my dad and I ended up going with a system restore, the only program that is completely working with no oddities is Firefox, which I reinstalled after the restore. :(
No Photoshop, Comicworks, or Paint Shop, until I can solve the errors or reinstall the programs. I might try toning Out of Place on the library computers, which have Photoshop, since I probably won’t be able to on my computer until winter break.

In happy news, I’m taking my freshman interest group to see Happy-Go-Lucky at the local indie movie theater on Friday! I’m so excited. I heard it was right up my alley. Also, the honors college arts journal team meets on Thursday, and I’m excited to see what our editor in chief Amelie has planned. I want to see what it’s like designing a book, working with a team to establish a selection of works, and putting them into a meaningful order. Amelie wants someone to submit LOLcats-inspired art to the journal, and I think it’d be a riot to caption Facebook photos, so I’m down to try.

I’m taking an honors college elective on Virginia Woolf, and the professor is letting me make a short comic for the final project! How cool is that? I’m very grateful, given the mountain of writing and group projects my other professors want out of me. The story will be a derivative of A Room of One’s Own, the way that The Hours is a derivative of Mrs. Dalloway. I’m setting it in the present day, where two women (who are both reading AROO) discuss the choices, needs, and responsibilities that female creatives have today. I’m really hoping to finish it without rushing, so I can use it as a portfolio piece after the class, but it will be a crunch to finish in time.

Art next time, I promise. I am drawing, but not having image editing on my computer is throwing me off.

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