You oughta see you

Here’s the first of my 2 contributions to Women of Wonder Day: Buffy!

Love love love Buffy. Talk about an empowering character. I’m kind of glad I saw the show for the first time at 22. Adults need strong characters to emulate, too!

She loved that man who died here yesterday

Sketch dump!

The man in black from LOST. I love this actor’s face.

I loved Tangled and the character Rapunzel, but her design kind of terrifies me in some shots. It’s like, her eyes are so big I feel claustrophobic when there’s a close-up.

I really want to do a pin-up along these lines of Buffy with the BAMF axe. The truth is, Jo Chen already nailed it (below), but it’s too fun to not attempt myself.


Random OCs.

I like this silhouette for spring–blouse tucked into floofy skirt.

Give me something to sing about

Buffy: Season 6 highlights! Again, spoilers, so beware. Spoiler notes below!

Okay, so apparently, “Shut up, Dawn!” is what people shouted at the sing-a-long screenings of OMWF at that part. xD I had no idea before I drew that; that’s just exactly what I was thinking when it happened.
Dawn got a lot better this season. Losing Buffy made her grow up a lot and shake a bit of the self-centeredness that drove me crazy last season. She even staked and kicked! And when she finally hoisted a sword and lopped a demon’s head off, she joined the club IMO. Plus, the speech that Buffy gave her in Grave was so touching! If she’s the key to Buffy wanting to live, she’s okay by me.

You’ll never see me coming

Finished Buffy: Season 5 this weekend. Gah, it’s getting so good! The end of season 4 and beginning of season 5 had some of the best episodes yet IMO.

So don’t click on this if you don’t want (minor) spoilers, but here are my favorite things about season 5!:

I despise Dawn, but yeah, that line made me laugh for days.

And some sketches from this weekend as well:

Been there done that messed around

Another old line art, new colors illustration:

I think that this is the last one in my ‘to color’ pile. :> Somebody is discovering brushes and lighting layers~! Very uncertain about both, but have seen them done well and would like to learn. @___@

I feel the break

Faith fan art, from Graduation Day part 1, the line starting with, “Look at you…” (around 6:30 in this video). I loved that confrontation!

There will be colors eventually.

How do you hold a wave upon the sand?

Terry got me hooked on the Buffy DVDs this summer. I am on season 3. I love it. I drew a few characters before bed last night:

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