Are you here with me?

EDIT: the final version:

My Monsters & Dames 2011 submission:

Monsters and Dames 2011 by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

It doesn’t look quite right/done to me. I’ll be tweaking tomorrow. Feel free to critique!

Work it out right now

Come see Emi Lenox, Matt Grigsby and me in Seattle at Emerald City Comicon, March 13-14! 8DDD It’s going down at F-11.

My love I am the speed of sound

Here’s a preview of page 12 of Over the Surface, which I actually managed to finish a day ahead of the schedule that I set on Sunday!

Today I will attempt to draw page 13 from start to finish. My boyfriend is taking me to a party Friday and my family is visiting on Saturday, so it would be nice to stay well ahead of schedule and enjoy myself when I’m with them.

I am so excited for Seattle, you guys. Omgsh. Once the stressful preparations are over, I am going to be like a kid on Christmas morning.

Too little much too late

Preview of page 10 of Over the Surface:

My schedule for the next 13 days:

Monday: OtS page 11
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: OtS page 12
Thursday: class and hw
Friday: OtS page 13, friend’s party
Saturday: OtS page 14, family visiting
Sunday: OtS page 15
Monday: OtS page 16
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: clean up and finish OtS, print and assemble minicomics
Thursday: write 2 finals essays (ahahahahaha…) and then take the bus to Portland
Friday: Drive to Seattle with Emi
Saturday: Emerald City Comicon!!!!!!


I don’t wanna bend like the bad girls bend

Here’s a final preview for the Monsters and Dames piece. I may tweak things later, but I need to call it done for now.

Also, Metric’s Gold Gun Girls is amaaaaaziiiing~

Cause when the seaweed sinks and the sun gets low, when the waves retire to the darkness below, I know Ruby sees all

I posted a preview of my Emerald City Comicon ‘Monsters and Dames’ piece earlier on Twitter, but I thought I would post some proper previews here:


Flatted digital image

I like it so far! I’m a little nervous to finish the color, since I’ve lost confidence in my digital art skills lately, but…I THINK I CAN!!!!!

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