Even when you were here you were already gone

Emi and I had the best time yesterday: I just borrowed a Nikon FM2 from Charlie Chu, and she has been photographing with her dad’s old camera for a while, so we went out together on a 3-hour walk around Portland and she showed me a few things about taking a good photo.

The weather was GORGEOUS. I sunburned my shoulders! It was the first warm, sunny day in a long time and everything looked good.

We explored a couple of piers at the waterfront and saw geese, boats, dragon boats, and a great blue heron. Let’s do it again!!!

I was searching, you were on a mission

The last 10 days have not been good for art (…or almost anything else). As soon as I started packing up my things in Eugene, my art productivity did a nose dive, and I have only eked out a couple of for-fun illustrations since then (the majority of which I HATE). I forced some Between Gears pages yesterday, but they look TERRIBLE. :( The state of my art life affects other areas of my life, and this kind of inactivity/dissatisfaction is literally depressing me.

Last night, I went out with friends to celebrate being home. Terry gave me some advice that I really needed. He said that when he finished school, he gave himself a month to just be like, “I just finished 4 years of school. I am going to take a month off and only draw when I want to.” It’s hard for me to be idle…in some ways, I’m like a workaholic…but I need to RELAX and not beat myself up for needing that relaxation after this ridiculous year, the thesis, etc. A daily autobio comic might be really rough work by definition, but I shouldn’t hate the way that it turns out. I need to want to be drawing it at least a little bit when I’m drawing it! I want to like it and be proud of it when I’m done.


Jump magic jump!

3 new additions to my ‘art from others‘ Flickr set from Nico and Emi!!! Wowzers!

Today is homework day. :-/

I had a dream that I was falling down

I’m back from a long weekend in San Francisco!

Emi drove us down to San Francisco on Thursday for Wondercon and other adventures. We toured the city, went to a roller derby match, and got a tour of Pixar from Josh Cooley while we were there! It was pretty dang awesome. Bucket lists were shortened.

Now I’m back at school and, as you have heard for the last several weeks, back to work on the thesis. I was relieved to get confirmation last week that the paper length for creative theses is generally 20-30 pages (vs. 40-50 for academic theses), and to receive a sheet of paper with guidelines for the written portion of creative theses that was not available online (I do not know why; it was very, very helpful).
Today, I am trying to type out everything that I can, knowing what I know at this point. Basically, I am making my roughest rough draft. Once I have all of my own knowledge down on paper, I can see what is missing and what I should spend the next 2 weeks researching and filling in.

Unrelated: did anyone see Fringe last week?! EPIC!! And the 80s intro made me laugh out loud!!!

Baby you’re not alone

My take on PrADA:

PrADA by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

You said no star was out of reach

DUDE and check out this present from Emi: Sierra from Dollhouse!!!!:


Sail on, silver girl

Excellent artist/friend Emi just posted art by Angie Wang and me on her blog Emitown! (Scroll to Tuesday’s entry) Emi and Angie invited me into their sketch group this summer, and these pieces are all from a day when we were in a bit of a creative slump. We decided to shake things up by drawing each other’s characters, and it turned out to be our best sketch group yet!

Emi and Angie both made me Delilah fan art on that same day!

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