Today’s the day

Woah, hey! What’s this? 5 new books from me available overnight? That’s right!! My dad just launched his series of children’s books! I spent the last year illustrating them, and even got to work with Cat Farris (cool colorist) and Emi Lenox (incredible inker) on books 2-5. Check them out on Amazon!

Turning traffic away

More vacation comics~

Poor Neil. You can’t choose your family xD;
[Nothing that Nick and I joke around about should be taken seriously...! (Obviously...??)]

Everyone who sees us greets us as we fly

I. Love. This movie. We watch it every December!

My favorite part (besides the song, OF COURSE) is when they ride the motorcycle through the trees.

Don’t let me down

Fun times on family vacation: cute cousins galore!

Tip on the tightrope

Hey guys!

The road trip is over and I’m in Sunriver for a few nights with (slow) internet, so I thought I’d check in. Guh, road trip was soooo fun! I made about 15 comics along the way, and I’ll make a big post later in the week with the comics and photos from the trip as well.

I thought I would be hauling ass on Between Gears while in Sunriver, but Dad left my pages in Portland due to a mix-up. The result is that I am totally free while I’m here, and can be more present for my family, but I’m gonna be itching to get home a couple of days earlier than planned. :-/

Get away now they trying to steal your soul

Road Trip! :D

My mom and I are leaving tomorrow on an epic, win and gold road trip to San Francisco! We are going to stop at the northern California coast/Redwoods area, stay 2 nights in SF, and stop at Ashland and Crater Lake on the way to Sunriver, where we will join my dad and brother Neil for a separate 4th-of-July-type vacation. WIN AND GOLD I SAY!

I will be back on July 7. Today I am trying to get ahead on Between Gears so that there will be updates for the next 2 Wednesdays while I am away. They should be automatically scheduled to start at 11:00AM each Wednesday, so check the site then! Apologies if something goes wrong; I will not have internet to know/fix it.

Love is our resistance

AAAAH check out this comic from my cousin Emily!! LOVE IT. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Man, it’s shocking good to me that she knows to use an establishing shot at her age!!

It’s one of the presents I mentioned in this Between Gears.

Hun sier at den lyser enn

Me as Saint Lucia in the Bend, OR Sons of Norway pageant. I just walked in a circle around the room with the other children behind me, but apparently it made my grandparents really happy, so cool. It was fun playing dress-up and participating a bit in the Norwegian culture.

My herd.

With Grandma and my cousins Abby and Emily. Note the ad for Lutefisk!

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